• Mouse And Wifi Are Ready For Adoption!

    Posted on June 30th, 2014
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    Have you heard about Mouse and Wifi?

    A Cox Communications employee was shocked after he opened a box at work and found two newborn kittens clinging to life inside.

    The two kittens have now recovered after they were found inside a box packed with fiberglass equipment that arrived from Hollywood and are available for adoption from the San Diego Humane Society!  after they were found inside a box packed with fiberglass equipment that arrived from Hollywood.

    Here’s their latest update:

    Mouse and Wifi are ready to find their new home!

    We’re so happy to tell you that Mouse and Wifi, the kittens who made the treacherous journey from LA to San Diego in a Cox Communications box, are officially ready for adoption! Orphaned, newborn kittens have such a struggle to stay alive, and their rough start made the first weeks of their lives even harder. They have been through many ups and downs as they have grown into the kittens they are today…and they did it together. Both kittens are now happy, healthy and growing strong, and we would like them to be adopted together. They have developed such a bond of friendship and support and it would be a shame to split them up!

    If you’d like to open your heart and home and adopt Mouse and Wifi, please apply in person at our 5500 Gaines Street location in San Diego. We will be accepting applications through Thursday, July 3 at 6 p.m. Please include in your application a paragraph of no more than 250 words about why you would be the best pet guardian for Mouse and Wifi. We will contact the lucky adopter by July 8th.

    Read more about Mouse and Wifi from the San Diego Humane Society.

  • Success Story for Mutt Monday

    Posted on June 16th, 2014
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    Meet Charlee Boots…a sweet little pit bull adopted from the San Diego Humane Society!

    It is Mutt Monday and we love hearing success stories about dogs who have found their forever home! Check out Charlee Boots story and how happy she is with Julia and Adam who gave her a forever home:

    Charlee Boots (a.k.a. Peanut)

    Charlie_Boots“My husband and I adopted a blue pitbull from the San Diego Humane Society in January 2013. Her name was Peanut, but has since changed post adoption to Charlee Boots (she has all white paws).  We just wanted to give you an update. November 1st was her 1st birthday and she couldn’t be more perfect ! She is the most friendly and lovable pup a family could ever dream of. Everyone that comes across her falls in love with her and her goofy personality. She isn’t the most coordinated pooch, but she manages to chase the ball and wrestle with her older sister Emma Rose. Charlie_Boots2

    We celebrated her 1st birthday with homemade dog biscuits and having a puppy party for her 🙂 I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a little Bichon mix like her sister since she lays on top of you to cuddle any chance she gets. My favorite thing about her is when she sings. I have NEVER heard her bark. She does this howling thing as she tries to talk back to you when you ask her a question. My husband and I would like to thank you for saving Charboots, and allowing us the opportunity to make her a part of our family. We are truly blessed and absolutely love having her in our family. We appreciate everything you do for animals, and are thankful you gave Charlee a second chance.

    Thank you, Julia & Adam”

  • Cotton Is Looking For His Furrrrrever Home!

    Posted on June 9th, 2014
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    Cotton – the Purrrrfect Choice!

    Cotton is a “Hidden Gem” at the San Diego Humane Society. Check out his story…he is looking for a forever home. If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a kitty, please consider Cotton from the San Diego Humane Society:

    Look up the word “sweet” in the dictionary and it’s altogether possible that the definition you find will simply read: “Cotton the cat.” Of course, the same can easily be said for any similar such words, e.g. “Lovable,” “Affectionate,” “Loving,” etc. And you could rest assured that you were being given completely accurate information (from a crazy awesome type of dictionary no less).

    You see, this 7-year old Himalayan/Domestic Longhair mix is the epitome of all such words and sentiments. Truly. Like seriously, you have no idea. Cotton has managed to take all of our collective hearts, steal them, and also melt them simultaneously. All he wants is to nuzzle, purr, and affectionately knead his way into your arms.

    Want to hold him like a baby?
    Guess what? He wants you to, too!

    Looking for a feline who isn’t afraid to express his sweeter, softer side?
    Well, you’re in luck because he just so happens to be looking for you, too!!

    Now, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the aforementioned feline is the sweetest and most loving and adoringly adorable kitty you have ever met… just so long as you are a human being. Or at least not another male cat. He seems okay with the ladies. Might even do well with a doggie. He just ain’t too keen on other male kitties so much. But boy-oh-boy with this boy, and the abundance of love he has to share, you will never find yourself lacking in the love department with him by your side!!

    Cotton is also FIV positive. What does that mean? Sound scary?? It really isn’t, it just means that it’s harder for him to fight infection. Many FIV+ cats live long and happy lives! They can live as an only cat or with other FIV+ cats.

    Cotton is currently available for adoption at our San Diego campus but is residing behind-the-scenes, so you will need to be sure to ask for an introduction! His adoption fee of only $65 is such a small price for the ginormous amount of love that he will introduce into your life! It also includes his neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, and a license if residing in Oceanside or Vista! For more information about this lovable gem of a kitty, or if you’d like to meet him, please contact Customer Service at (619) 299-7012 or stop by our Gaines Campus. Animal ID 140626

  • How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

    Posted on May 16th, 2014
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    Routine nail clipping is important for your dog.

    If your dog’s nails get too long, they could splinter or snap. This is uncomfortable for the dog and can lead to infection. You should make nail clipping part of your dog’s regular grooming process.

    If your dog isn’t used to getting his nails trimmed, the last thing you want to do is frighten and overwhelm him by rushing the process. Take a little extra time to slowly introduce the nail clippers, as well as the sensations involved in trimming. The first time you use the clippers, don’t plan on giving your dog a full pedicure. Instead, just clip one or two nails, and remember to give your dog treats or play a game right after trimming.

    Here’s an informational guide to help you trim your dog’s nails:

    1. Choose a time your dog is mellow and relaxed. Most dogs do not enjoy having their nails trimmed so finding a time he is calm will be to your best advantage. Position your dog so you have a good view of the paw you need to clip.
    2. Hold your dog’s paw firmly in one hand and the clippers in the other.
    3. Find the vein inside your dog’s nail, also known as the “quick”, before you start clipping. For dogs with lighter nails it is easy to see. If your dog has darker nails, you may not be able to detect it.
    4. Clip off a small end of the nail and gradually work towards the quick making sure you do not cut too close. If you do cut into the quick hold a piece of tissue on the nail for a few minutes. You can also use a powder that will stop the bleeding that you can find at your local pet store.
    5. File any rough ends of the nail if necessary. Praise your dog for letting him or her cut their nails so if feels like they have done a good job for sitting still for you.
  • What A Happy Story About A Senior Dog Named Buddy!

    Posted on April 28th, 2014
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    Henry (formerly known as Buddy) found his forever home!

    Clear The Air loves reading about success stories from the San Diego Humane Society. Check out one of the Humane Society’s success story about Buddy:

    Sweet senior finds his new family!

    Buddy - success story!“Buddy” seems to be the kind of name that is a reflection of an owner’s feelings of friendship toward his dog. Unfortunately, when we found Buddy, a senior English Coonhound, he seemed to have been abandoned by any such friends. The only indication that he had ever been cared for was in the form of a baggy attached to a string around his neck, containing 3 bottles of medication for “Buddy the Canine.”

    At 11 years old, the big-eared, big-eyed canine was found wandering near the side of the freeway and brought to our campus. From that moment on, we did everything in our power to assure him that he had finally found a friend in us, and that we would not give up on him. Not surprisingly, senior animals can have a much harder time getting adopted. Despite his mellow demeanor, sweet Buddy & his brother - success story!personality and adorable face, Buddy spent several months at our Central campus, overlooked by potential adopters. That is, until Kristen S. and her husband came in. Kristen had seen Buddy on our website and quickly fell in love. Once they met him they decided this was one Buddy that they couldn’t live without.

    Today, Buddy has been renamed Henry, and is doing wonderfully in his new home. He has a Labrador retriever as a brother, and two pet parents who couldn’t be happier with their new companion. “He brings a smile to our face every day,” Kristen tells us; and it finally appears that Henry has found some lifetime buddies, but more importantly, a forever family.

    Kristen S. & Family

  • Sweet Dog Looking For A Home

    Posted on April 14th, 2014
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    Mutt Monday’s pick of the week.

    The San Diego Humane Society is featuring Luda, a sweet dog looking for her forever home. Find out why Luda is an employee pick:

    A beloved Canine Companion who has been volunteering at our North Campus for quite some time, Dana O., simply loves Luda! And she has selected this adorable pooch as her volunteer pick:

    What do you like best about your pick’s personality? “She is very laid back, smart and affectionate.”

    What first drew you to your pick? “Her wiggly butt greeting!”

    Lllllovable Luda!Is there something special about the way your pick looks? “She has a white hourglass-shaped pattern from her nose to the back of her head.”

    What is your pick’s coolest/silliest/most fun trait? “After a game of fetch she likes to come and sit on the bench with me (sometimes in my lap) and watch the world go by.”

    Anything else? “She is super smart and willing to learn anything you want to teach her.  She knows all the basic commands with shake and roll over thrown in for good measure.”

    Pet: Luda (132249)

    Volunteer: Dana O.

  • Meet Hercules At The San Diego Humane Society

    Posted on March 24th, 2014
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    Hercules…a Dog of Mythical Proportions!!

    We love sharing stories about animals looking for their forever homes. Today we would like to share a story for Mutt Monday about Hercules. Do you have it in your heart to give him a forever loving home?

    For most, the name “Hercules” brings to mind images of a certain Greek god.

    …Well, around here, the name “Hercules” instead brings to mind images of a certainly Great dog!

    Yes, my friends, it’s true. Be it the mythical or canine Hercules to whom you are referring, either way – the subject is indisputably divine! And, like his namesake, the 1 & 1/2-year old American Pit Bull Terrier is a pillar of strength and has a most adventurous spirit!

    Always at the ready should he hear the cry of a damsel in distress, Hercules is eager for action! His enthusiasm knows no bounds!

    His playfulness? Contagious!

    His spirit? Courageous!

    His athleticism? Outrageous!

    It’s true, this energetic doggie is full of the kind of personality, handsomeness, and charm that myths are made of!! All who encounter this canine king are quick to see that they are indeed in the presence of greatness.

    Are you looking for a strapping young dog with whom you can pursue outdoor adventures?? Well, look no further!!

    Are you ready for a pooch who is full of life and, I daresay, gusto?? Ummm…look to the photos on the right and just try to tell me that Hercules doesn’t fit the bill!!

    He’s handsome, he’s energetic, he’s just so darn lovable, …he’s Hercules! And he is ready to become the hero of YOUR story!

    To meet this awesome guy, give us a call at (619) 299-7012 to arrange an introduction!

  • Testimonial Tuesday for Clear The Air!

    Posted on March 11th, 2014
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    We love hearing happy customers let us know how Clear The Air worked for them!

    Every Tuesday we like to share testimonials of our product and how it worked for our customers. Check out some of the latest reviews on Clear The Air below:

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get the smell of cat urine out of my mattress from when my cat had a UTI. I bought all the top recommended neutralizers, all sprays or liquids of some kind, and nothing worked. Nearly at my wit’s end, I looked up more products online and did some more research. It finally made sense to use a non-liquid to remove the smell. I bought this product as a last resort and sure enough, it worked on the mattress! Don’t waste your time with liquids; this is the stuff! ~M

    I cannot believe that I have FINALLY found a product that actually works to take out the smell of cat urine from my carpet! I was gone on vacation for over two weeks and the person that was coming in to feed my two male cats did not put them back into the basement for the night. She let them roam the house and they urinated on my carpet. The smell was horrendous and I thought that I was going to have to remove the carpet. This product actually works! THANK YOU! ~Antonia

    My 15 year old cat used my carpet as his litter box for several months when he was sick. I spent tons of money and tried countless products with little to no success in removing the smell that had soaked in. I thought I was going to have to live with the smell until I could afford to replace all the carpet, but decided to try one last product – this one. WOW! I followed the directions on the can and it really did get the smell out! I am getting ready to order more now so I can do the whole house. Much less expensive than replacing the carpet (not to mention much less stressful). Highly recommend this product! ~F

    I have never been so impressed with a product! We were sure we would have to replace our carpet after our elderly dog lay down and died on it. But one application of Clear the Air removed all traces of odor. There’s no fragrance. Our house just smells normal again. ~Dean

  • A Happy Dog Adopted From The SD Humane Society

    Posted on February 24th, 2014
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    We love stories with a happy ending!

    Especially when it involves animals! Check out this great happy ending story from the San Diego Humane Society about a dog, Milo, who was adopted by a sweet and loving family…he even has his own Facebook Page!

    “He is my inspiration and gives me more joy then anyone could ever imagine!

    We adopted Milo a pug/ Chow Chow mix  in 2008 from SD (Gaines Street) location and he has been the smartest most loving dog we have ever had.

    He loves to go with us everywhere we go including our office. He goes to work every day.Milo even has his own tie for the office, but usually wears a simple bandana for a more casual look!

    Milo in a tie

    He enjoys just sitting in the car, thinks he is a pug and will try to climb on your lap. He has learned many tricks but his best trick is just the fact he loves to cuddle!

    He was a groomsman in my sons wedding last year and even danced with guests at the reception. He is “The boss” like all the staff at the office like to call him and he loves every minute of it.

    One of the artists at Kess Inhouse in Oceanside (Where Milo Works ) even Milo - artcreated an Art piece of him and now others can enjoy his sweet face because you can buy it on home goods on Kess inhouse website and even direct from Amazon.

    He is my inspiration and gives me more joy then anyone could ever imagine!

    Here is Milo’s facebook page

    The Gupta Family
    October 2013

  • Mutt Monday’s Pet Of The Week

    Posted on February 17th, 2014
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    Check Out April!

    April is available for adoption and is one of the San Diego Humane Society’s employee picks. Find out why:

    Pat R., one of our wonderful Central Campus Canine Companions, adores the 10-year old Border Collie/Spaniel Mix, April, and has chosen her as her pick:

    What do you like best about your pick’s personality? “She’s ADORABLE! Lots of spunk for an ol’ dog! April loves to run around and play.”

    What first drew you to your pick? “I love Border Collies!”

    Is there something special about the way
    your pick looks? “Her cute ‘old soul’ mug and fluffy ‘always-wagging’ tail!”

    What is your pick’s coolest/silliest/most fun trait? “She insists on taking her toy from the agility yard back to her crate! I wish I had a video of it!”

    Anything else? “Look at that face! What’s not to love?!”

    April’s intake number is 131412. She is looking for her forever home…come check her out!