• Clear the Air Testimonials

    Posted on June 29th, 2012
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    Nothing is stronger than a positive testimonial about a business’s product.

    We thought we’d compile a bunch of our testimonials so you can see the various odors Clear the Air will successfully eliminate!

    Testimonial on Cat Urine Odor:

    The product is amazing. I have tried so many other products and companies. I recently spent over $300 for someone to clean the carpets and use a secret “proprietary” formula that didn’t work. We have five cats, and if one is sick or has an accident, the others will quickly follow suit. Right now, with the product working on a couple of areas, there is no odor in the house. That is just amazing.

    Thank you, Lynn

    Testimonial on Doggie Odor in the basement:

    No THANK YOU! This stuff is amazing! It saved me a bundle by not having to replace the basement carpet because of the strong “doggie” odor. Now it’s like there never was a dog in my new home. Thanks so much for making this available. I’ve already recmmended it to several friends.


    Testimonial on Dead Animal Odor:

    We’ve spent the weekend trying to eliminate a “dead animal” smell from our upstairs bedroom in our three year old home (something got into the walls and died). My little doxie Milo alerted me to the problem and has been going crazy, sniffing and trying to show me that there is something in there.

    We tried everything – vinegar, baking soda, ionizer, etc; nothing helped and the 90 plus degree heat today made it really awful! I was ready to call a disaster restoration service or critter control to address the odor.

    In desperation, we searched the web and found Clear the Air information; we took your advice to go to Petco and make our own bags.  I made two bags from nylon hose and hung them around the closet and room. It’s only been a few hours and the difference is already unbelievable! Even Milo isn’t interested in sniffing it out anymore.  I anticipate that tomorrow will be even better.

    What a great product – we will definitely use Clear the Air for  the garage, dog crate, etc. –hopefully we won’t run into any  more dead critters in our walls.

    Sincerely, Lynne P. in Valencia, PA

    Testimonial on Vacuum use:

    LOVE your stuff! The pellets! A “bonus” is when you vaccuum them up, they stay in the vaccuum and I no longer smell the dog everytime I vaccuum! When dumping filter, I NEVER dump the pellets! Vacuuming is now not a “smelly” job. 🙂

    Testimonial on Dead Rodent Odor:

    I wanted to write to you to say how impressed I am with your products.

    I had a terrible rodent infestation in an entire side of my house.  We had had a pest service come in to rid the house of pests, and I had also been mitigating all points of entry rodents were taking advantage of as they came out of the cold from the surrounding forest, and build nests for the winter.  I discovered the location of the nest by the odor of what smelled like old garbage coming from my 4 year old son’s bedroom wall and also an overpowering smell of urine coming from the basement play room directly underneath his room. After identifying the location of the smell, I completed demolition on a 20 foot by 15 foot area of the exterior wall of my house.  As I had suspected, there was significant rodent damage.

    The condition of the wall was horrific: the insulation was all eaten away, and there were enormous rodent nests.  The worst part was there was so much feces and urine that combined with the contents of the nest, insects and bio-matter from decayed rodents, it had all permeated the sheathing, sheetrock, studs, joists, and concrete foundation from the second floor all the way to the sill plate and foundation.

    After clearing out all the debris, and pounds of rodent feces and desiccated remains in the basement ceiling,  I spent an entire week, after removing all the exterior sheathing of the effected wall, and leaving the wall exposed to the outside drying out the studs, and cleaning it with industrial grade, scented disinfectant.  After replacing the sheathing that was rotting from the urine, and treating everything I could, multiple times, with disinfectant, I discovered that after sealing it all up I still had a phantom smell of the nest and urine.  It wasn’t as bad, but it was obviously the same smell, especially when there was an increase in humidity and the house was closed up, especially my son’s room.

    Out of desperation I began searching the Internet for answers.  I came across Earth Care products when I typed in “how to get rid of dead rodent stink”, and was encouraged when I saw that your products were non-toxic, especially having three kids all 5 and under.

    I bought three bags and placed them in the large basement room where the urine smell was the most overwhelming.  In just one day the smell had decreased by at least half.  The second day the small was almost impossible to discern.  By the third day there was no trace. It was incredible!  What was so amazing was that they didn’t need to come in contact with the effected area, just be near it.  That was key, since I had already sealed it up.

    This product is amazing.  Despite having done my best to improve the air quality of my home, apart from burning the house down and starting over, I have a significant peace of mind knowing my children are not breathing that wretched air from a rodent’s nest. I am ordering more bags for the rest of the house.  Thank you, is all I can say.  I would be delighted to provide a testimony for the efficacy of your product.  I am a grateful and passionate client!


  • Second Chance Pet Adoptions – New Clear the Air Satisfied Customer!

    Posted on May 22nd, 2012
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    Clear the Air is so happy to share another wonderful testimonial from a fully satisfied customer!  Dawn-Marie volunteers much of her time and money to ensure puppies are found their forever home!

    Check out what she had to say about Clear the Air!

    My name is Dawn-Marie Ennis and I am the puppy mom for all wee ones that come through Second Chance Pet Adoptions in Raleigh, NC.  Of course fostering the puppies means a lot of accidents, on our carpets and concrete floors.  I have just recently found your product, and am THRILLED at how well it works!  Trust me, I really have tried everything on the market!

    At first I was able to locate canisters of Clear the Air at my local pet supply stores, but I seem to have bought up every single one here in the Triangle area.  Because we are a donation based rescue, I spend my own money on cleaning supplies which gets expensive.

    I have been singing your praises and highly recommend your product to people who are adopting a puppy and also let all our foster parents know just how wonderfully it works.  The thing I love the most, that it is a dry product, and that is what intrigues most everyone I tell.  We all HATE the wet carpet feeling all other products have.  Puppies will go where they smell others have gone before them, and after 8 litters of 5 puppies or more lets just say my puppy room had a not so fresh feeling.  Which was making it very difficult for me to house train my current litter of 5 English Bull Dog mixed little boys.  And that breed is not known for having good sniffers.  It took just one 28 oz canister to demolish the stink in the wall to wall carpet.  After that, my husband and I did a different room in our home every night.  We are in love with the results!  Our house smells less like dogs and cats, and more like fresh spring air.

    So thank you, to the inventors, and everyone else involved in the making of Clear the Air!  It truly is the best thing out there for odor control.

    You can check out Second Chance Pet Adoptions website at: www.secondchancenc.org

  • Great Customer Testimonial

    Posted on January 9th, 2012
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    Here is a great customer testimonial we recently received.  The customer was going to have to replace their basement carpet because of a terrible odor.  Thankfully our product removed the odor for them, saving them thousands of dollars.

    No THANK YOU! This stuff is amazing! It saved me a bundle by not having to replace the basement carpet because of the strong “doggie” odor. Now it’s like there never was a dog in my new home. Thanks so much for making this available. I’ve already recommended it to several friends.


  • Great and SO TRUE!

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  • Testimonial from another satisfied customer!

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    Here is another great testimonial from one of our many satisfied customers!  If you have a testimonial we would love to hear about it.  You can send it to pmolina@cleartheair.com or post it on our Facebook.

    I just want to let you know that purchased the Clear The Air Odor Eliminator and used per your instructions and am very glad to say the odor has vanished.  I am recommending your product to friends and family.  Thank you so much!



  • Send us your Testimonial – Receive Free Product!!!

    Posted on November 29th, 2011
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    If you send us your testimonial on any of our Odor Eliminator products you’ve used, we will send you a free canister of Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminator! Post your testimonial on our Facebook page or Email us: YourCommunityPathway@gmail.com. This offer is good through November…only two more days to take advantage of this!

  • Dead Mice Odor Customer Testimonial

    Posted on November 15th, 2011
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    Thanks so much for helping us get rid of the dead mice odors! As you may recall, we had a terrible odor coming from trapped dead mice between the garage ceiling and dining room floor above it. With no way to get at it, we had no choice but to wait out the horrible smell from the decaying process! I was so nauseated, I wanted to move out of my home for a month!

    Responding to our telephone call was both a life and home saver for us. The products worked almost immediately! Within a few days, the smell was at bay and barely noticeable to anyone! We aired the socks containing the product for a day, and then reused them for another week or so.

    No one could have guessed we had had a problem.

    It’s now been three weeks, and we have since hung newer socks containing the product. We also recycled the product, from the old ones, in our garden as you recommended.

    A sincere and really huge “THANK YOU! “ for taking the time to return our call, and for helping us with this odoriferous situation.


    Tony &Lee Thomas

    ( in Massachusetts)

  • Send Us Your Testimonial and We’ll Send You Free Clear The Air Product

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    We are looking for customer testimonials! Send us your success story of a foul odor you dealt with and beat it with Clear The Air. Email your testimonial to YourCommunityPathway@gmail.com and we will send you a free canister of Earth Care’s Clear the Air.

  • Pest Control Technician’s Testimonial on Eliminating Dead Rodent Odor

    Posted on October 31st, 2011
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    Testimonial from Pest Control Technician on Earth Care’s Clear the Air bags – Battling against Dead Rodent Odor.