• Dog Urine Odor Removal – How Is It Done?

    Posted on July 21st, 2014
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    Does your dog have accidents in the house?

    Dog urine odor is one of the strongest and toughest odors to get rid of. Most products on the market are wet and must come into contact with the urine to remove the odor.

    This means if you have urine that has soaked into the carpet you must pull up the carpet and pad and soak the carpet, pad and floorboards. What a mess!

    With Clear The Air Cat & Dog Urine Odor Eliminator just sprinkle the granules on top of the carpet leave on overnight and vacuum in the morning and the odor is completely eliminated. Works well on all surfaces pulling the odors out of tile and concrete. If your dog or cat has an accident, don’t worry…Clear The Air can eliminate the odor!

    “I used the Pet Odor Eliminator on outdoor carpet for dog urine, it took the odor out, it was easy to use, natural and not messy like a wet product. I recommend the Concrete product for people with an odor problem on concrete or landscape rocks.” ~Brandie

    Want to know HOW to eliminate dog urine from your home? Follow these easy steps:
    • Remove feces and excess urine.
    • Sprinkle directly on furniture.
    • Leave overnight, then vacuum or shake off. Will not harm upholstery or leather.
    • Sprinkle on carpet, rugs, tile, linoleum or hardwood floors. Leave overnight, then sweep or vacuum. Clear the Air pulls odor from carpet, padding and sub floor.
    • Typically one application will eliminate all odors; occasionally a second application is necessary.
    • One canister covers up to 100 square feet.

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