• How To Eliminate Car Odors

    Posted on September 16th, 2013
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    Do you have a foul odor in your car?

    Maybe gas spilled in your car or a rat got up into the engine and died. Whatever the odor, our Odor Eliminator Bags will eliminate any foul and pesky odor you experience in your vehicle.

    Here are some tips to eliminating odor from your vehicle:

    • Hang or place two bags in your car. We recommend hanging them if you can so all areas of the bag can absorb the odors.
    • Leave windows open for air circulation.This is crucial in order for the bags to work best!
    • Do not set bag in direct sun. You can place them under the car seat if you cannot get your car out of the sun.
    • If there are strong odors in your car you may also want to sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpets and Furniture on all upholstery and carpet. Leave down overnight and vacuum.

    The bags will continue to eliminate new odors for up to 3 months. Each bag will cover approximately 100 square feet and some air circulation is best.

    Air fresheners just mask the odors and often smell worst than the offensive odor, car details are expensive, and shampooing often just spreads the smell around. Earth Care Odor Remover Bags can simply be placed in your car and they will completely eliminate all these odors.

    Questions about eliminating odors? Comment on our blog or contact our lovely Customer Service Rep.

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