• New Baby? Keep Your Diaper Pail Smelling Fresh!

    Posted on May 28th, 2014
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    Diaper pail odors can become extremely strong and overwhelming.

    If you would rather not have the first thing you smell when you walk into your baby’s room be a smelly, poopy diaper, continue reading…

    Eliminate diaper pail odors with the help of Clear The Air! With frequent cleaning, use of Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminators, and limiting the diaper’s exposure to the air, your home can be the best smelling home with a baby in it on the block.

    Keep one or two of our Odor Eliminator Bags at the bottom of your diaper pail. You can also sprinkle our Odor Eliminator at the bottom of your diaper pail. We also recommend hanging a bag from the changing table, closest to the diaper pail to absorb odors as well.

    If you empty the diaper pail more frequently it will help cut down on the odor. This will also help your Odor Eliminator Bags last longer.

    Don’t use air fresheners. These only mask the odor and do not actually absorb the odor like Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminators. All you end up getting is a flowery/poopy diaper smell. Not too pleasant!

    Regularly wash out the diaper pail to limit bacteria in the air from the pail. Wash the pail with hot water and soap once in a while. This will help keep bacteria from growing.

    Do you have questions about using our product? Please comment on our blog or contact our customer service department. Our products are 100% safe, even if ingested, making it perfect to use around children and pets!

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