• Another Hidden Gem From The San Diego Humane Society

    Posted on August 27th, 2012
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    We do a lot of fundraising with the San Diego Humane Society and always love sharing special animals with our followers.

    We’d like to share another hidden gem from the San Diego Humane Society, Benji.

    Been looking for love? Meet Benji…

    Benji is a sweet, one-year old Pit Bull/Lab Retriever mix who is as lovable as he is cute! Still an exuberant pup, Benji approaches life with enthusiasm and plenty of curiosity. Although he had a tough start in life that has left him a bit shy, he is becoming more and more social daily, and Benji’s current foster mom reports that he is doing very well, having fun, and wagging that tail of his more than ever!

    This sweet guy will need some extra time and patience from the lucky family who adopts him. The world around him can seem very new and scary, so Benji appreciates slow introductions and lots of love to help him overcome some of his fears. In addition to playing with tennis balls and being his energetic and goofy self, Benji also knows how to relax with the best of ’em and enjoys spending plenty of quality time snuggling on the couch.

    Benji’s adoption fee of $75 includes his neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, and a certificate for a free veterinary exam! This very special hidden gem of ours is currently in foster care. If you are interested in meeting him or getting more information, please contact San Diego Humane Society‘s Customer Service at (619) 299-7012.

  • San Diego Humane Society’s Hidden Gem, Poodie

    Posted on August 17th, 2012
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    Check out one of the Hidden Gem from The San Diego Humane Society.

    Poodie…Talk About a CUTIE!!

    Poodie is a 4-year old Border Collie/American Pit Bull Terrier mix who is as gentle and sweet as they come! She has it all: brains, looks, kindness…you simply can’t go wrong with a doggie like Poodie at your side. While Poodie can be a bit shy at first, once she’s had some time to get comfortable with her surroundings, she will be quick to show you how unbelievably loving & affectionate she is.

    And did I mention her smarts?! She knows a bunch of impressive tricks: sit, down, shake, stay, and come …just to name a few. In addition to flexing her brain muscles, Poodie enjoys snuggling, taking in the tranquil sights and sounds around her as she goes on walks, and spending special playtime with a canine companion. In fact, Poodie would love to go to a home where she might have a doggie friend to play with.

    Poodie’s adoption fee of $75 includes her spay, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, and a certificate for a free veterinary exam!

    If you would like to arrange an introduction or get more information about this amazing gem of a dog, please contact Customer Service at (619) 299-7012.