• Do People Think You Are A Crazy Cat Lady?

    Posted on June 19th, 2014
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    Do other people know you have cats the minute they walk in your door?

    Cat litter boxes can be offensive to the nose and  can make your home smell like a giant kitty box! If you don’t want to smell like the crazy cat lady, continue reading for a safe and effective way to eliminate cat litter odor.

    It is important for the litter box area to be safe, quiet and away form the hustle and bustle at home. Here are some tips for creating a pleasant environment for your kitty’s sandbox:

    • Keep the litter box in a safe and quiet location. Make sure it is not in a corner with no escape – like the end of the laundry room with one entry/exit.
    • Keep litter box clean…no one likes a dirty outhouse!
    • Keep litter box and the cat’s feeding area in separate places.
    • Don’t place litter box on carpet…often the feel of carpet is more attractive than the litter thus causing accidents.
    • Don’t move the box around and if you have to change the location of it, do it gradually (a few inches a day)
    • The bigger the box, the better.
    • Add Earth Care’s Clear The Air Odor Eliminator to the box every time you scoop the litter box, clean it or you smell it and just don’t have time right then to clean it out.

    If your kitty misses the sandbox or has an accident somewhere else he/she isn’t supposed to, clean up the spot and sprinkle Earth Care on the soiled area. Cat urine is a very strong odor and unfortunately it stays in the carpet if you do not have the proper way to get rid of it. That is why Earth Care works great for cat urine odor. Earth Care draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are adsorbed and neutralized.

    Plus, our products are 100% safe to use around pets and children, even if ingested!

  • Pew! Eliminate Litter Box Odors

    Posted on June 27th, 2013
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    No matter how much you love your cat, your cat’s litter box can sometimes be unpleasant.

    Clear the Air loves cats and we take special care in making sure our cats’ litter boxes are properly cared for and odor free.

    While our product works absolute wonders on the litter box to eliminate and keep odors down, there are other measures you can take to ensure your cat’s litter box is odor free to you and your cat’s noses.

    • Use Clear The Air a few times a week to sprinkle over your cat’s litter. Is company about to arrive and your cat leaves a present for you in his litter box? Sprinkle our granules over the “present” and the odor will vanish, we guarantee it!
    • Scoop your box at least daily, sometimes even more. The longer urine and feces sit there the more likely the smell will invade the rest of your home.
    • Replace litter twice a month depending on how many cats use the litter box. Empty out your entire litter box and wash the box with soap and water. Dry the litter box, sprinkle a thin layer of Clear The Air Cat Urine Odor Eliminator and add then add sand.
    • As time goes on, you will want to replace your actual litter box. Your cat’s claws and scooper can make small grooves in the bottom and sides or your litter box. These small grooves are hard to sterilize and hold onto odor.
    • Make sure your litter box is in a well-ventilated area. You also want to make sure your cat has plenty of room to get around his litter box. If the box is in a tiny, dark hidden space the odor may be unpleasant and your cat may be more likely to find another unwanted place to use the restroom.
  • Why Is My Cat Peeing In The House?

    Posted on February 18th, 2013
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    Cat urine is one of the most difficult odors to eliminate. If your cat has been going to the bathroom in your house, outside of his litter box, there may be some ways you can fix this problem.

    In order to eliminate the cat urine odor, use our Cat Urine Odor Eliminator product to eliminate the odors.

    Medical Problem: A kidney or bladder infection is the most common cause. Your cat should be checked out by your vet to exclude any medical issues. If your cat’s problem is behavioral, you’ll need to find out why he is misbehaving. Any kind of stress can make your cat stop using his litter box. If you have recently moved, had a new baby or have introduced another pet; all these actions can cause your cat to feel threatened.

    Litter Box: A cat that is unhappy with his box will stop using it. Think about it: would you use a dirty, smelly toilet? Of course not. Cats are very clean animals and some of them are extremely finicky about their litter boxes. The problem could be a different litter, dirty box, location, or sharing with another cat. If you have multiple cats, they each should have their own litter box. A cat that has been declawed will have special needs when it comes to litter. You may need to switch to paper litter that is softer on his delicate paws. Make sure the litter box is cleaned daily. Sometimes all it takes is changing to a new litter, getting a new box or moving the box to another part of the house.

    Behavior Change: Pay extra attention to your cat and praise him often. Remind him that he is loved and an important part of the family. Moving to a new home is a big change in your cat’s life. He could be stressed by the move. He could also be reacting to the scent of a former tenants pet. This will cause your cat to start peeing in a certain spot. To stop this, you need to completely remove the odor so your cat won’t want to leave his scent.

    No More Urination: you must remove the odor from your home. Your cat will keep returning to that area if he can pick up the scent. Urine should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Wipe up the mess with a paper towel and then clean it. Sprinkle Cat Urine Odor Eliminator where your cat went to the bathroom and leave on for 24 hours. You may then vacuum it up. In some cases a second application may be necessary. Remember, our products are 100% non-toxic and safe even if ingested.

  • Kitty Litter Odor Bringing You Down? Learn How To Never Have To Smell It Again!

    Posted on May 2nd, 2012
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    Your kitty litter box shouldn’t be a battle and Clear the Air would like to share some helpful tips to keeping an odor free litter box.

    Follow these steps to an odor free litter box and home:

    Scooping – The number one rule, and the only thing that will keep litter box odor at bay, is constant cleaning. That means scooping the box out at least twice a day, removing the solids and liquid clumps if you use clumping litter.  If you don’t use clumping litter, you can use a large solid metal spoon to lift out the most urine-soaked areas each time you clean and add litter as needed to replace what is removed.

    Washing Your Litter Box – You should also get in the habit of washing the litter box at least every other week if not more.  Use a mild unscented dish detergent and rinse clean.  Remember to clean your scooper too.  When the box is dry, sprinkle a thin layer of our Cat Urine Odor Eliminator in the box first.  Then add two to three inches of litter.  Cats do not like a deep tray of litter and this allows you to add litter as you scoop.

    Type of Litter – Some have perfumes and others have additives to only cover the smell.  To a cat, these smells can be overwhelming and make the box unwelcoming.  It is usually a good idea to get unscented litter and sprinkle our Cat Urine Odor Eliminator in the box to eliminate the odor, not cover it up.

    Type of Litter Box – Using the largest box your home can accommodate is the best idea.  A good rule of thumb is to get a box that is at least twice as long as your adult cat and wide as the cat is long.  Even though a covered box is nicer to look at, most cats don’t like them and they also trap odors inside making it unpleasant for your pet to enter.  Cats claws can get stuck in liners when they are digging for a place to relieve themselves and the urine can also seep into the liner, trapping odors in the box.

    Location – Lastly, location of your cats litter box is very important to keep your pet happy to relieve himself in the correct areas.  The rule is one litter box per cat plus one.  If your cat is on the third floor of your house and the litter box is in the basement, he may not decide to make the long trek.  It is important to have the boxes in different locations.  Also make sure the box is in a low traffic area, away from his or her food and in a place that your cat can easily get in and out of.

    These suggestions may take a lot of effort but not only with your cat be happier but you will as well, not having to put up with cat urine odors.    Remember to pick up Clear the Air’s Cat Urine Odor Eliminator available at all Petco stores or online.