• Remove Mildew and Smoke Odor

    Posted on October 6th, 2012
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    Want to know how to finally eliminate any smoke or mildew odor your home may have?  Clear the Air has the answer.

    Our products work great in musty mildew basements along with any fire damaged areas of your home or place of work.  Click here to be directed to our products to eliminate smoke and mildew odors.

    Simple to use and cost effective Earth Care is the answer to your flood and fire odors. This unique form of Earth Care Products Mineral does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the entire area.

    Clear The Air draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are adsorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances. Clear The Air does not cover up odors; it literally “clears the air” leaving the air fresh and clean. Clear The Air is made from an all natural mineral, is non toxic and biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth. It is safe around children and pets even if eaten.

    Directions to Eliminate Musty Mildew Odors from Previously Flooded Areas