• New Year’s Eve Pet Safety

    Posted on December 31st, 2012
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    Keeping Your Pets Safe On New Year’s Eve

    When you are welcoming in the New Year tonight, keep in mind your pets and other animals may not be so enthusiastic about the noise.

    Pet’s ears tend to suffer from the noise made by firecrackers blasts, causing them to tremble, bark excessively, refuse to eat food, hide or run away and sometimes even lose bowel control. Besides the noise, fireworks also produce plumes of smoke that may harm animal’s respiratory systems.

    Follow these helpful tips from PETA on how to keep pets and other animals safe during New Year festivities:

    • Keep cats and dogs indoors in a room where they feel safe during fireworks displays and, if possible, stay with them.
    • Act happy and calm around scared animals in order to reinforce the idea that they don’t have a reason to be afraid.
    • Leave your animals at home during the celebrations – never take them with you to watch firecracker displays.
    • Never leave animals tethered or chained outside.
    • Close your windows and curtains. Turn on a radio that’s tuned to a classical music station, or turn on the TV to help drown out the sound of the fireworks.
    • Watch for stray animals who may be distressed. If you see an animal injured by fireworks, call your local Humane Society.