• Don’t Be Embarrassed By “Doggy Odor”

    Posted on July 31st, 2013
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    If you have dogs, you have probably come across that “doggy odor” here and there.

    Clear The Air prides ourselves on being able to completely eliminate doggy odor from any source, big or small, seen or unseen.

    If you have doggy odor in your carpet: Simply sprinkle Earth Care Clear The Air granules on the carpet and hang Earth Care Odor Remover Bags to eliminate doggy odors from the carpet. Wait for 24 hours to vacuum up the granules from the carpet.

    If you have doggy odor in your dog beds: Take the dog beds outside where there is plenty of air circulation and sprinkle our Earth Care Clear The Air granules all over the beds. Allow 24 hours for the granules to stay on the dog beds. You can then shake off the granules and your odor will be eliminated. If the odor is extremely strong, you may want to wash the bed first, let it dry then apply the granules to the bed.

    If you have doggy odor in your car: If your car smells like your dog’s bed, it’s time to use our product! Simply hang or place two of our Earth Care Odor Remover Bags in your car. Our product works best when there is air flow in your vehicle. We recommend rolling down the windows when your car is parked and not in use. If the odor is extremely strong, sprinkle some of our Earth Care Clear The Air granules on the floor boards of your vehicle. Leave the granules for 24 hours then you may vacuum them up.

    This unique form of Earth Care Products Mineral does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the entire area.

    Have questions about eliminating a pesky odor? Please comment on our blog or contact our customer service agent, Pat.

  • Odor Crisis? Check Out What Other Clear The Air Customers Are Saying

    Posted on July 24th, 2013
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    Customer testimonials – our product WORKS!

    Clear The Air knows that when you purchase a new product, nothing helps to make your decision than from other people’s opinions. We would like to share some customer testimonials on our various products we offer:

    My dog was at the losing end of a confrontation with a skunk. Before I realized it, he had run thought the house rubbing on everything. The odor was stifling. After using “Clear the Air” I noticed a huge improvement the next day. You have a great product. ~Lyle

    Hi Pat, when I got home the package was there, yay! I put them in my stinky bathroom last night where we think a possum or some other creature has died in between our walls.. it has been horrible the last few days and we couldn’t afford to hammer the walls down to look for it…. my son says this morning it smells a lot better and he was surprised that your product works so well.. a day or two more we’re hoping it will be back to normal.. thanks again for a great product! ~Janet

    LOVE your stuff! A “bonus” is when you vacuum up the granules, they stay in the vacuum and I no longer smell the dog every time I vacuum! When dumping the filter, I NEVER dump the granules! Vacuuming is now not a “smelly” job. ~Yvonne S.

    I used your Odor Removing Granules and I have to say they work great! I have tried just about everything on the market to get rid of cat urine smell and nothing has worked like your product. ~Eileen I.

    As VOCs relate to cancer, I am overjoyed that this takes them out. Everyone should get a kit when they buy a new house, paint a room or stain a deck. I actually used two socks filled with granules in the guest room after I painted with a “low” VOC paint…no smell by morning…fabulous- and healthy! Thanks. ~Scottie

  • Amazing Dog Stories

    Posted on May 8th, 2013
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    Dogs who deserved an award!

    Clear The Air loves hearing about stories of heroic animals and the risks they’ve taken to save someone.

    We found some amazing dog stories from webvet.com we would like to share:

    Eve – Many of us enjoy watching those movie scenes that have us sitting on the edge of our seats as someone escapes a burning pit just before it explodes, but in real life these situations are anything but enjoyable. In 1992, Kathi Vaughn, a paralyzed paraplegic, learned first-hand how horrifying this type of setting can be.

    Kathi was driving along an interstate when her truck caught on fire. She pushed her rotweiller, Eve, out of the vehicle so she would be safe. However, the dog came back. Pulling her owner by the ankles, Eve managed to get Kathi out of the burning vehicle, dragging her to a nearby ditch just moments before the truck exploded.

    Eve received the Stillman Award (for people and animals who risks their lives to save others), presented by the American Humane Association.

    Honey – Michael Bosch and his English cocker spaniel, Honey, headed out early one October morning in 2005, with the sunshine beaming down brightly over California. Because of that brightness, Bosch’s sight was limited, causing him to misjudge the road. The SUV rolled 30 feet down a ravine, landing upside down. Bosch was trapped, and his leg was crushed between the steering wheel, roof and dashboard.

    Living in a remote area, Bosch knew the chances of anyone having witnessed the accident were slim. He realized that Honey was his only hope. For seven long hours, it was just man and his dog. Finally, he managed to get his 5-month-old pet out of her kennel, which was in the back of the vehicle. Oh, how he hoped she would somehow find help!

    Sure enough, Honey returned with a neighbor who lived about a half a mile away. The neighbor confirmed that Honey had directed her to the scene, where she paced back and forth gazing at the wreckage below. Rescuers acknowledged that, indeed, Bosch did owe his life to Honey, the pet he had adopted only two weeks earlier.

    This heroic deed earned Honey the National Dog Day Foundation’s 2005 Dog of the Year Award.

    Click the link to read more great stories at Webvet.com: http://www.webvet.com/main/2012/04/03/5-amazing-stories-hero-dogs

  • Can A Dog Tell When You’re Sad?

    Posted on April 12th, 2013
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    Dogs are much more perceptive than we think.  You may not be able to talk with him about your bad day at work but when he lies next to you with his nose on your lap, you can tell he just gets it.

    Did you know a dog’s mind is roughly equivalent to that of a human two-year old’s and they have the social consciousness of a teenager? The following are emotions dogs can sense you are feeling:

    Sadness: When you are down in the dumps, your dog will probably act extra-tame. Why do you think they use dogs for therapy for sick and elderly people? Scientists are still a few steps away from saying dogs have true empathy for humans but they are optimistic. In a study published in the journal Animal Cognition dogs would lick all around sad people’s hands or faces and some sweetly brought over toys.

    Unfairness – Your dog may notice if you play favorites with other pets. In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that when dogs saw other dogs getting treats for a trick they’d been performing unrewarded, the uncompensated dogs became visible distressed. In the study, as long as both dogs received a treat, one with a piece of sausage, the other with a piece of bread, both dogs were happy.

    Priorities – When a baby comes home from the hospital and your pet is not longer the focus of your attention, he’ll pick that up pretty quickly. In some cases it can even lead to depression. Make sure you show love to your dog as well as your baby. A good suggestion is to bring an extra swaddling blanket to the hospital, wrap the baby in it, then bring it home and put it where your dog sleeps. This way your dog gets used to the scent from the very beginning and associates it with something he likes.

    Annoyed or mad – If you’re angry with your dog, he’ll act submissive. That’s where the puppy dog look comes in. Interestingly enough, dog owners who scolded their pets whether or not they acted up, found the guilty look didn’t necessarily correspond to the dogs that actually had been naughty.

    Fear – If something is menacing in your home, say a rat or intruder, as soon as you give off scared vibes, your dog will pick up on them. Unless you have a breed of dog that acts more as a guardian, your dog will most likely be just as scared as you are in that frightening situation. Your dog will usually mimic your emotion you put out. For example if you act cautiously and shy away, your dog probably will too.

    Generosity – Did you know dogs watch and listen to your social interactions with other humans? In a study done out of the University of Milan, researchers had dogs observe two actors: one who kindly shared his cereal and sausage bits with a beggar, and another who shooed off the beggar harshly. Scientists found that, more often than not, dogs approached the more generous person when prompted—and it seems that a friendlier tone of voice made a difference. So beware: Your dog may judge your personality while you yell at your husband or kids.

    Sickness – Believe it or not, it is not an urban legend that dogs can sniff out sickness. A fascinating research shows that many diseases, like lung cancer and prostate cancer, cause the body to give off odors that dogs are able to detect. In certain situations, a dog’s nose is between 1,000 and 10,000 times better than a human being’s. Dogs may not necessarily know if something is wrong, but they can tell something is definitely different.

    Attention – Your pet is most likely sneakier than you think. In a study, researchers put treats on the floor in front several dogs, forbidding them to eat the food. The dogs behaved as long as the person watching them stayed in the room. When the person left, the dogs ate the treats within 5 seconds.

  • How To care For Your Dog’s Teeth

    Posted on March 25th, 2013
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    Caring for your dog’s teeth.

    Clear the Air would like to share some helpful tips to caring for your dog’s teeth. Avoid disease with these helpful tips:

    Starting a dental care routine as early as possible in your dog’s life will help him get used to the feeling of having his teeth brushed and inspected. Puppies have 28 deciduous teeth that typically fall out by about six months of age. By this time, your dog should be getting his teeth brushed regularly.

    Here are some important tips to keep in mind when brushing your dog’s teeth:

    • Use a “finger brush” or special long toothbrush designed for use on dogs. When starting out with brushing, the finger brush can help ease your dog into it, as these do not feel as awkward as hard brushes.
    • Don’t ever use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth – it can make your dog sick. Use special enzymatic toothpaste made especially for dogs. The same goes for oral rinses. You can pick these up at The Country Feed Store.
    • Plaque begins to turn into tartar / calculus within 24-48 hours, so daily brushing is recommended. Work your dog’s tooth brushing into your own routine – consider brushing his teeth around the same time you do yours so it will be easier to remember.
    • Before you begin, ask your veterinarian to show you some techniques to make tooth brushing easier on you and your dog.

    If you are not able to brush your dog’s teeth, there are other options. Consider using oral rinses made especially for dogs. You can also purchase special dental treats. Avoid real bones – not only can they lead to gastrointestinal upset, they may also cause tooth fractures.

  • How To Eliminate Odors From Your Dog Bed

    Posted on March 22nd, 2013
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    Eliminate “doggy” odors from your dog bed.

    Does your dog bed have the “doggy” smell you can’t seem to get rid of? Clear the Air would like to share some helpful tips to making your dog bed smell a little less “doggy”!

    If you have a cover you can take off of your dog bed, we suggest washing that in the washing machine along with any blankets your dog uses in his bed. Once you wash the cover, before you put it back on, sprinkle a thin layer of our Clear the Air Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator in your dogs bed. Now put the cover of the bed on and invite your dog to c0zy up! Having Clear the Air in the bed will help keep away that doggy odor for up to three months. Once three months is up, you will probably want to go through that process again.

    If your dog bed does not have a cover and you cannot easily wash it in the washer machine, take it outside. Once outside, sprinkle Clear the Air Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator on the bed and let it sit outside in a well ventilated area for 24 hours. You may need a second application depending on how strong the odor is. After 24 hours, shake off the Clear the Air and vacuum the dog bed. Your fresh smelling dog bed is ready for use!

    We also recommend hanging a Clear the Air Odor Eliminating Bag above your dog bed. As you know, Clear the Air does not have to come in contact with the odor producer, it will simply pull the odors like a magnet and eliminate them.

    Do you have questions about keeping your dog bed clean and smelling fresh? Please comment on our blog or call us!

  • How To Care For Your Dog In Cold Weather

    Posted on February 12th, 2013
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    We are experiencing harsh weather around the nation and while we take precautions to make sure we stay warm, it is important to make sure your dog is warm enough during harsh weather conditions as well.

    Clear the Air is here to provide some tips on caring for your dog in the cold weather this winter is bringing:

    Dog Jackets and Sweaters: Dogs with heavy coats, such as Huskies, can withstand cold weather even on long walks. However, dogs with shorter hair and smaller dogs have trouble retaining heat, especially in wet and windy weather. Dogs that are skinny, sick, old and very young need to have an extra layer put on when they go outside. Just think about your bones and joints: if you experience stiffer and achy joints when it’s cold, your dog probably does too.

    Ice Melters: Ice melters and rock salt will burn your dog’s feet. When you go for walks, make sure your dog stays away from visible ice melters and get it off his feet as soon as you can if he steps in it. If he does walk in it, have him walk in the snow and wipe it off with fresh snow. Don’t let him lick the ice melter. You might want to consider putting booties on your dog’s feet to protect them.

    Antifreeze is Dangerous: Many know that antifreeze is extremely dangerous for your dog (or cat) to ingest and can cause death. Just 6 tablespoons of it is enough to kill a 45 pound dog. If you think your dog may have licked up any antifreeze at all, take him to the vet immediately.

    Space Heaters: Make sure to turn off AND unplug your space heaters in your home. Not only can your dog burn himself from the space heater but an unattended space heater can also burn your home down. No matter what, turn off and unplug your space heater.

    Cold Weather: If you wouldn’t leave your dog in the car during the heat of the summer, why would you leave your dog in the car in the middle of winter? On the same note, don’t leave a dog tied up outside a store in the cold weather. If you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the cold, don’t do it to your dog.

    Thin Ice: Be careful about letting your dog roam around near ice covered water. That being said, if there is a blizzard with limited visibility do not let your dog off his leash. Dogs get lost in whiteouts and if he wanders the wrong direction, he could break thin ice and fall into freezing cold water.

    Bottom line: keep your dog indoors with you during the winter. Just as you would enjoy curling up by the fire, so would he!

  • Eliminate Odors In Your Home

    Posted on December 7th, 2012
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    Are you expecting company this Holiday season? If you’d like to get your house smelling its best, we have some helpful tips.

    No matter what odor may be lurking in your home, we guarantee we will eliminate it. Please visit our website to order.

    Directions to Eliminate Cigarette and Cigar Smoke Odors:

    • Hang 1-2 Earth Care Odor Eliminator Bags in each room that smells like cigarette smoke. One bag will cover 50-100 square feet. Odor will be eliminated in 24 hours.
    • Bag will last 1-2 months, if room is heavily permeated with smoke odor the bag may need to be changed more often at first.
    • If odors are particularly strong or room has been smoked in for years sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpet and Furniture granules on carpets and furniture. Leave down 24 hours and vacuum. Odors will be completely eliminated.
    • One canister of Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpet and Furniture covers 100 square feet; one bucket covers 900 square feet.
    • Granules can also be placed in ashtrays and cigarette butt receptacles.

    Directions to Eliminate Dead Animal & Related Urine/Feces Odors:

    • It is not necessary to remove dead carcass to remove the odor.
    • More bags =better faster results, we recommend a minimum of 3 bags.
    • Hang a bag in every room you smell odor.
    • If you believe dead animal is in attic or crawl space hang one bag there also.
    • Bag will outlast odor from carcass and handle any urine or feces odors that may exist from previously infested areas.
    • One bag covers up to 100 square feet. It will last 3-4 months in use, or indefinitely in plastic wrap.
    • Minimum of three bags needed to remove dead Rodent/Animal odors.

    Directions to Eliminate Cat Urine Odors From Litter Box:

    • Add granules to bottom of litter box, add litter, then add additional granules on top.
    • Add ½ cup of granules each time litter is changed, scooped or as needed.
    • Will prolong the life of your litter.

    Eliminate Cat Urine Odors From Carpets, Wood Floors, Tile, Concrete or Furniture:

    • Remove feces and excess urine.
    • Sprinkle granules over area until dry granules are present on top. Also works well on old dry urine odors.
    • Leave overnight, then sweep or vacuum.
    • Clear The Air pulls odors from carpet, padding, and subfloor.
    • Typically one application will eliminate all odors; occasionally a second application is necessary.
    • One canister covers 100 square feet.

    Directions to Eliminate Musty Mildew Odors from your Basement:

    • Hang 1-2 bags in basement. One bag cover up to 100 square feet.
    • Bags will continue to eliminate musty odors for up to 3 months.
    • If odors are strong (or you have had a flood) also sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Concrete or Carpet granules on floor, leave down 24 hours and sweep or vacuum. Odors will be completely eliminated.
    • One canister of Clear The Air Odor Eliminator For Concrete or Carpet granules covers approximately 100 square feet.
  • San Diego Humane Society’s Hidden Gem Spotlight

    Posted on November 26th, 2012
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    This week we are promoting Benji!  He is looking for his forever home…do you have room in your heart for Benji?

    Watch Benji’s video and see his goofiness & enthusiasm come to life!

    Benji is a sweet, one-year old Pit Bull/Lab Retriever mix who is as lovable as he is cute! Still an exuberant pup, Benji approaches life with enthusiasm and plenty of curiosity. Although he had a tough start in life that has left him a bit shy, he is becoming more and more social daily, and Benji’s current foster mom reports that he is doing very well, having fun, and wagging that tail of his more than ever!

    This sweet guy will need some extra time and patience from the lucky family who adopts him. The world around him can seem very new and scary, so Benji appreciates slow introductions and lots of love to help him overcome some of his fears. In addition to playing with tennis balls and being his energetic and goofy self, Benji also knows how to relax with the best of ’em and enjoys spending plenty of quality time snuggling on the couch.

    Benji’s adoption fee of $75 includes his neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, a bag of food from Hill’s Science Diet and a license if residing in Oceanside or Vista! This very special hidden gem of ours is currently in foster care. If you are interested in meeting him or getting more information, please contact Customer Service at (619) 299-7012.

    Animal ID 94566

  • Adopt A Senior Pet Month is NOW!

    Posted on November 23rd, 2012
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    Adopt a senior pet this month for a reduced adoption fee.

    The month of November is dedicated to “adopt a senior pet”. When you adopt a senior pet, you are adopting a homeless pet that is already house trained, doesn’t chew up furniture, and as already settled into its personality so there are no surprises as time goes on.

    Many people might think that a senior pet is an old pet with no life left, but quite the opposite is true. Most senior pets end up in shelters and rescue groups because they were once in a home and something happened in the family that prevents them from keeping the pet.

    For example, the death of a pet owner is the most common reason for pets to become homeless. Divorce often leads to split families and turmoil and the pets can get “forgotten” in the midst of human emotional turmoil. No matter the reason, senior pets are not to blame for becoming “homeless”, they are simply the victims that get left behind. Anyone who has adopted a senior pet can tell you that it’s the best adoption you can ever choose.

    At animal shelters and rescue groups everywhere, there are loving, healthy senior pets looking for that one special home to cherish them for the rest of their life, and they don’t ask for much: just a warm place to sleep, good meals and plenty of love.

    During the month of November, the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is honoring its ‘Sensational Senior’ animals with reduced adoption fees!  senior pets in need of homes are looking for that one special family that will cherish and love them in their golden years, and they don’t require much more than a warm place to rest and plenty of love.

    From now until November 30, the adoption fee for all senior animals (over age 7) will be reduced to $25.  If a second ‘animal buddy’ is adopted, the fee will be waived entirely!  Special discounts are also available to adopters over age 55 who choose to adopt a senior animal.  These fees include microchipping, spay/neuter, vaccinations and veterinary exam. Don’t delay—curl up with a sensational senior animal today!