• Tips for Storing Your Motorhome or RV

    Posted on January 11th, 2013
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    Did you know Clear the Air Odor Eliminator Bags are the magic touch for removing foul odors from your RV?

    No matter what the odor may be, make sure to stock up on our Odor Eliminator Bags and place them in strategic areas of your RV such as the restroom, refrigerator and living room.

    Clear the Air would like to share some tips for storing your RV for the winter. Follow these steps to prepare for storage:

    • Wash and wax your vehicle to prevent dust or dirt buildup.
      • Disconnect the battery. If the RV is stored in a harsh climate take the battery out and store it in a more moderate, climate-controlled area.
      • Use pads to park your rig with the tires off the ground to prevent soft spots.
      • Turn off pilot lights and turn off the propane at the source.
      • Drain all water from your rig including hot and fresh water tanks, and all hot and cold lines.
      • Turn the refrigerator off, defrost and wipe it dry. Leave the door propped open a little bit so air can circulate. Place an Odor Eliminator Bag in the refrigerator.
      • Seal all outside openings to prevent critters from taking up residence inside.
      • Use a breathable cover to avoid condensation forming between the cover and RV, or park it inside a garage or facility. Consult an RV dealer on where to purchase a cover.

    A few hours of preparation can save you a huge amount of hassle in the long run – and get you back on the road when the season changes and pleasant weather returns.

    To maintain your RV or motorhome, follow these suggestions when the vehicle is being stored:

    • Drive the motorhome once every 30 days for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
    • Store the vehicle with full engine fluid levels.
    • Keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation. In addition, adding fuel stabilizer will also aid in preventing condensation.
    • Keep the battery charge levels in top condition.
    • If your motorhome is equipped with a generator, make sure proper procedures are followed to either exercise or store the generator. Refer to the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for complete exercise and/or storage instructions.
    • Turn off the motorhome master battery switch.
    • Place two to three Clear the Air Odor Eliminator Bags in the RV to eliminate musty/mildew odors.