• How To Cool Down Your Home During The Summer

    Posted on May 29th, 2014
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    Summer is almost here but it is already pretty warm out.

    How do you cool down your home during the summer without running your air conditioning constantly? Check out our tips to keeping your home cool without costing too much money:

    • Cool down your home at night – Open windows and doors with screens and run any house fans you have. This will keep your home cool at night and a majority of the day. Just make sure to close them back up in the morning when it starts to warm up.
    • Make sure there are no lamps or TVs near your air conditioning thermostat. The heat from those appliances will cause your air conditioner to run longer.
    • Install white window shades or blinds to reflect heat away from the home. You can also install blackout curtains to make sure any heat from the outside is blocked from coming into your home.
    • Plant trees and/or shrubs to shade the air conditioning units but not block the airflow.
    • Replace your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents. They produce the same light but use 1/5th of the energy and heat.
    • Unplug your home electronics like TVs and stereos when not in use. You should also turn off your computer when not in use.
    • Go around your home’s windows and doors and apply any caulking and weather-stripping that is missing or eroded away. This will help keep heat out of your home.
    • Make sure your fireplace damper is closed to prevent hot air from coming into your home.