• Dog Activities

    Posted on April 9th, 2012
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    Earth Care would like to share some great activities for you and your dog to do together.

    If you are gone during the day and your dog is left alone, it is a very good idea to make sure you set time aside each day to spend with your dog so you make sure to give him/her the attention he needs. Check out some of these Dog Activities you and your pet can do together.

    Play Ball – Many types of breeds like terriers love balls.  A lot of dogs will fetch the ball after you throw it and once that starts your dog won’t leave you alone, asking you to throw the ball over and over again.  Tennis balls are inexpensive and can provide entertainment for hours for your dog.

    Take a Walk – Spend quality time with your dog by taking  a walk together.  This provides health benefits for both of you.  Did you know dogs have a natural migration instinct and need to go on walks daily to become mentally sound?

    Swimming – Take your dog to the lake.  Some dog breeds love water and you can throw a ball into the water and your dog can get exercise by fetching the ball in the water.

    Create a Job for Your Pet – Use the internet or your local library to find training methods that are useful for search and rescue, sledding or cart pulling.  Long ago, your dog was bred for a certain purpose and most dogs are happier if they are working.

    Grooming – You can groom your own dog and save money on bathing and grooming charges.  Most dogs enjoy being groomed and when they look good, they feel good.  This also creates an opportunity for you to learn your dogs body so you can know when something doesn’t look or feel right.

    Therapy Dog – Taking your dog to a nursing home, hospital or group home for people with developmental disabilities is both rewarding for you and your dog.  Dogs can lessen stress and always bring a smile to those around them.

    Quality Time – More than anything, your dog just wants to be around you.  Even if it involves taking a nap next to each other or watching TV together, your dog is satisfied just being with you.

    Dog Park – Do a local search on the internet for dog parks near you.  This is a great opportunity for your dog to exercise and socialize with other dogs.

    Pets play a big role in our lives and they are most often considered part of the family.  Remember to use Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminator to remove any urine or feces odors which may have been caused by your pet.