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Dead Animal & Infestation Odors

Remove Dead Rodent/Animal Odor with Earth Care's Clear the Air Odor Remover Bags

Dead rodents can die in your wall and often you are unable to find the carcass to remove it. Earth Care Odor Remover Bags are used by Pest Control Professionals to remove dead rodent odors, and urine and feces odors associated with rodents. The carcass does not have to be removed to remove the odors.

Earth Care Bags do not have to come into contact with dead rodent or odor causing agent. Simply hang the bag near the odor and in 24 hours the odor will be gone. Earth Care acts like a magnet by attracting and neutralizing smells. It is made from an all natural mineral, is non toxic and biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth. It is also safe around children and pets, even if eaten. Earth Care adsorbs odors rather than masking them with a fragrance.

What Professional Pest Control Operators say about Earth Care

How to Eliminate Dead Animal & Related Urine/Feces Odors

  • It is not necessary to remove dead carcass to remove the odor.
  • More bags =better faster results, we recommend a minimum of 3 bags.
  • Hang a bag in every room you smell odor.
  • If you believe dead animal is in attic or crawl space hang one bag there also.
  • Bag will outlast odor from carcass and handle any urine or feces odors that may exist from previously infested areas.
  • One bag covers up to 100 square feet. It will last 3-4 months in use, or indefinitely in plastic wrap.
  • Minimum of three bags needed to remove dead Rodent/Animal odors.

Click here for a printable PDF "How to Eliminate Dead Rodent Odors"

How to Eliminate Dead Rodent Odor with Earth Care Bags

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to get rid of that dead rodent odor!

Be sure to order a minimum of 3 bags to get rid of dead animal odors.

Dead Animal Odor Eliminator

Dead Animal Odor Eliminator

Used by Pest Control Professionals to remove dead rodent odors, urine and feces odors associated with infestations.   Earth Care Bags do not...
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Large Economy Size Bucket of Granules 9lbs

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