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Pet Odor Eliminator 14oz

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Remove urine and feces smells and doggie odors in carpets, bedding, outdoors, & litter boxes with out chemical or fragrances.

Clear The Air does not have to come into contact with the odor producer, it will pull the odors from the entire room.

Clear The Air draws in odors like a powerful magnet.  The odors are adsorbed and neutralized, without any fragrance.

Clear The Air does not cover up odors; it literally "clears the air" leaving the air fresh and clean.

Clear The Air is made from an all natural mineral, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for planet earth.  It is safe to use  around children and pets.


  • Remove feces and excess urine.
  • Sprinkle on carpet, rugs, tile, linoleum or hardwood floors.  Leave down 24 hours, sweep or vacuum up.  Clear The Air pulls odor from carpet, padding and sub-floor. 
  • Sprinkle directly on furniture.  Leave down 24 hours vacuum or shake off.  Will not harm upholstery or leather.
  • Sprinkle on pet bedding or clothes.  Leave down 24 hours and shake off.
  • Add 1/2 cup to litter box each time litter is changed or scooped.
  • Sprinkle on bottom of animal cages.  Safe for pets even if consumed.
  • Use in car to remove doggie odors, sprinkle on carpets and seats.  Leave down 24 hours vacuum up.  Also add an Odor Remover Bag to your car to keep odors from returning.

14 oz canister will cover up to 100 square feet.
28 oz canister will cover up to 200 square feet.
Large Economy Size Bucket will cover up 900 square feet.

Click Here to learn more about eliminating pet odors.

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