Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
(safe for the environment, too!)


LOVE your stuff! A "bonus" is when you vacuum up the granules, they stay in the vacuum and I no longer smell the dog every time I vacuum! When dumping the filter, I NEVER dump the granules! Vacuuming is now not a "smelly" job :) Yvonne S.

Hello Pat,

Weve spent the weekend trying to eliminate a dead animal smell from our upstairs bedroom in our three year old home (something got into the walls and died). My little doxie Milo alerted me to the problem and has been going crazy, sniffing and trying to show me that there is something in there L

We tried everything vinegar baking soda, ionizer, etc; nothing helped and the 90 plus degree heat today made it really awful! I was ready to call a disaster restoration service or critter control to address the odor.

In desperation, we searched the web and found Clear the Air information; we took your advice to go to Petco and make our own bags.I made two bags from nylon hose and hung them around the closet and room. Its only been a few hours and the difference is already unbelievable! Even Milo isnt interested in sniffing it out anymore.I anticipate that tomorrow will be even better.

What a great product we will definitely use Clear the Air for the garage, dog crate, etc.hopefully we wont run into any more dead critters in our walls.

Sincerely, Lynne P. Valencia, PA

About 6 months ago at least 2 skunks got into our attic. One sprayed when it was caught in a rat trap and another sprayed for some other reason. The whole house stank. The smell got into our upstairs duct work. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell with very limited success. Enzyme products have done only a little good. We had the ducts cleaned, which helped not at all. I put one of your bags in the return aid duct, one in my boy's room's closet and one in the master BR closet. The granules I spread around in the attic, all 9 lbs. Within 2 hours, the smell which has hounded us for 6 months was just gone! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. After all I have been through and all the money I have spent trying to solve this problem, I can truly say, you have an amazing product that does what it claims to do. Please feel free to use my name and testimonial.

Thomas S. Jamul, CA

I used your Odor Removing Granules and I have to say they work great! I have tried just about everything on the market to get rid of cat urine smell and nothing has worked like your product.

Eileen I.

I had a real problem in my garage from my cats (5!). I tried EVERYTHING, scrubbing, soaking, spraying, you name it. Well, I had sprinkled some of the granules around on the floor and the smell VANISHED! I am incredibly impressed.

Susan L, Kansas City, MO

We used your product in our basement for the pet and other odors and only 24 hours later, the smell was completely gone. All we could smell was fresh air. Your product works GREAT! Thanks!


Your product "Clear the Air" is the best thing I have found that really works for urine smells.

Val S. Columbia, MO

My dog was at the losing end of a confrontation with a skunk. Before I realized it, he had run thought the house rubbing on everything. The odor was stifling. After using "Clear the Air" I noticed a huge improvement the next day. You have a great product.

Lyle Smith, Petaluma, CA

I was ready to throw out my new carpet until I used your carpet sprinkles this week! My dogs urinated on it and I had used my steam vac six times and couldn't get rid of the smell.

Thanks, Debra S.

Just one overnight application on my carpet and the odors are gone! It's a miracle! Thank you for saving my carpet and my nose!

Melisa H. Orem, Utah

To Whom It May Concern:
On November 10th, 1994, my husband went outside in the early morning to "investigate" a noise he had heard. The noise ended up being a skunk and he was sprayed point blank from the knees down. My entire house, carpets, furniture, not to mention my husband, was consumed by this horrible odor. I frantically searched through the phone book for help. After making several calls and not receiving a call back, I looked under "Deodorize" and found Earth Care Products. I called, left a message, and within minutes received a call back from Bill Vaughn. Bill calmed me down, and assured me he could help me out. He not only told me what to do for my husband, but he patiently explained in detail how to remove the odor from the house, and our clothes.
Bill was right, I purchased the product, did exactly as he told me, and within 24 hours the odor was completely gone. Bill's customer service went beyond the call of duty. His patience, genuine concern, and great follow-up was more than we could ask for. As far as the product, it performed miracles. We hope never to encounter a situation like this again, but if we ever do, it is reassuring to know that Earth Care Products are available.

Julie Carlsbad, CA

It's the only odor control product I've put out there that I've been happy with the next day. An electrical switch had burned and it smelled like urine odor. I put one of your bags out and the next day the odor was gone. I had a stagnant water problem and dead rodent smell. After I put out one of your bags the odor was gone the next day.

Per Sal Amara-Cats USA Pest Control dba Chemco Pest Control
San Dimas & N. Hollywood, CA

This is the best way we've ever had to eliminate odors from dead animals & animal excrement. A lady lost a tenant from rodent odor; (urine and feces). After using one Earth Care odor remover bag the odor was gone the next day. We fumigated a school classroom and had a dead rodent carcass odor. We put in a couple bags and the next day no odor.

Steve - M & M Termite & Pest Control
Newberry, Park, CA

Pest control workers are often called out to treat odors caused by pests such as rats, mice, opossums, skunks or raccoons that have crawled under a floor or into a wall space and died. To mask the odor, air fresheners are used, but within a day or two the smell always returns. We started purchasing Earth Care's Odor Remover for our pest control clients four months ago because it really works on the problem. This is the answer; I've told my pest control clients in San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties that if they buy this and it doesn't work they can return it and get their money back. I've never had one returned and I've probably been through 50 to 60 cases already. I have also sold several cases to local cities and school districts to control urine odor problems in public rest rooms. They just suspend these bags in the park restrooms and it really takes care of the problem.

Gary - Pest Control Adviser for Hicks Farm Supply
San Marcos, CA

I was horrified when I discovered that my Labrador Retriever had been urinating in a guest bedroom. The room had a deep shag carpet and the smell was dreadful. I had the rug professionally cleaned, which helped somewhat but the smell remained. I tried vinegar, baking soda, and various types of room fresheners, to no avail. I was ready to have carpet taken up when I read about Earth Care Products. With nothing to lose I used Earth Care Products Carpet Sprinkles. After the first and second applications the odor was not nearly as strong, and a third application did the trick. I can finally have guests stay in my guest bedroom without embarrassment! I intend to recommend Earth Care Products to all my family and friends.

Sincerely, Margaret

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