Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
(safe for the environment, too!)

Paint Odor Remover

Paint odor can be bothersome at best and nauseating to some. 
Watch this 1 minute video and learn how to remove paint odors from room.

How to Get Rid of Paint Fumes

  • Simply hang 2-3 Earth Care Odor Remover Bags in each room that has paint smell. 
  • Leave a window open for some air circulation
  • In 24-48 hours the paint odor will be gone! 
  • More bags are necessary if the room is larger than 100 square feet. 

Click here to order the Paint Odor Remover Bundle

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We recently painted our bedroom and could not sleep in it because of the paint odor.  We hung 3 of your bags and the odor was much less the next day and totally gone in two days.  Janie  San Clemente

Odor Eliminator Bag

Odor Eliminator Bag

Order the Odor Remover Bag to remove dead rodent odors, urine and feces odors, skunk odors, musty mildew odors, trash room odors, and cigarette...
Paint Odor Remover Bundle

Paint Odor Remover Bundle

$44.97 Savings $3.00 Eliminate paint odors with the Paint Odor Remover Bundle.  It is simple to use and cost effective.  Order 1 bundle for...

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