• RV Odor Tips

    Posted on May 31st, 2019
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    Summer is here and it is prime time to venture onto the open road with your family in your motor home or trailer!

    Unfortunately, sometimes some strange odors can linger in your RV and make your trip not so pleasant. Luckily, we have a solution for foul mystery odors that can linger not only in your RV, but your boat as well!

    Check out how you can eliminate stinky smells from your RV and boat:

    How to remove odors from your RV:

    • Hang one bag in bathroom, kitchen area, and bedroom.  Leave a window open for air circulation.
    • Do not set bag in direct sun light.
    • Use 3 canisters or bucket and sprinkle granules on all upholstery and carpet.  Brush granules into carpet.  Leave down 24 hours and vacuum or sweep up.  All RV odors will be completely eliminated.
    • The bags will continue to eliminate new odors for up to 3 months.
    • Works great for: RV skunk odors, RV smoke odors, RV holding tank odor, and RV dead animal odors.
    • Click Here to order the  RV Odor Remover Bundle

    How to remove odors from your boat:

    • Hang one bag in each bilge compartment, the head, the galley, and each cabin.  Some air circulation such as an open hatch is needed.  Do not put the bag directly in standing water or direct sunlight.
    • The bags will continue to eliminate new odors for up to 3 months.
    • Use 3 canisters or bucket and  sprinkle granules on all upholstery and carpet.  Brush granules into carpet.  Leave down 24 hours and vacuum or sweep up.  All odors will be completely eliminated.
    • Works great for boat smoke odors, boat holding tank odors, and boat musty odors.
    • Click Here to order the Boat Odor Remover Bundle
  • Do You Have A Mystery Odor?

    Posted on June 7th, 2018
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    Do you have an odor and you can’t figure out where it is coming from?   It is so frustrating to constantly smell an odor that you cannot seem to figure out where it is coming from.

    Clear The Air works so well that it does not even have to come in contact with the odor source! It will literally draw in odors like a magnet and neutralize them, without any fragrances or perfumes.

    Mystery Odor“I had a weird smell coming from the closet of a home I just bought. It was so strong I smelled it every time I would walk by that area of the house. I decided to try out the Odor Eliminating Bags and hung two in the closet where it smelled the worst and was amazed when less than 15 minutes later the smell was completely gone!!!” -Vanessa

    How to Eliminate Mystery Odor:

    • Hang 2 bags in every room you smell the odor.  If the room is larger than 100 square feet add an additional bag for every 100 square feet.
    • If you think the odor is in the carpet or on furniture, sprinkle the Earth Care granules on the carpet and or furniture, leave down 24 hours and vacuum up.
  • We Love Hearing From You!

    Posted on September 21st, 2017
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    We love hearing from you!

    Clear The Air would like to share this testimonial from Sandra.

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  • What To Do If You’ve Been Skunked

    Posted on March 9th, 2017
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    Baby skunk season is starting!

    Clear The Air Odor Skunk Odor eliminator will completely eliminate skunk odors from your dog, furniture, carpets, lawns, shrubs, and you. The odors are absorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances.

    Clear The Air does not cover up odors; it literally “clears the air” leaving the air fresh and clean. It is a natural skunk odor neutralizer.

    For tips on what to do if you find a baby skunk, check out information from Project Wildlife here.

    How to Eliminate Skunk Smells

    • Sprinkle pet with granules, gently work into the coat. Leave on as long as pet will tolerate. It is best to do this outside so your pet can shake off the granules. Repeat as necessary. Can also be used on humans.
    • Sprinkle on pet bedding or clothes. Leave down 24 hours then shake off.
    • Sprinkle on concrete patios, pool areas, dog runs, kennels, garages or basements. Leave down 24 hours and sweep or vacuum.
    • Shake liberally on lawns, artificial turf and landscaping where skunk odor originates. Okay to leave permanently on landscaping and lawn. Clear The Air acts as a time-release nitrogen fertilizer.
    • Sprinkle indoors on carpet, rugs, flooring or furniture. Leave down 24 hours, sweep or vacuum.

    Click here to order your Skunk Odor Eliminators.

  • How to Reduce Energy Use in Your Home

    Posted on July 23rd, 2014
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    Summer is here and it is important to make sure your home can handle the heat!

    Decreasing your energy bill doesn’t only save your pocket but, it will also help in the fight against our over reliance on fossil fuels to power our homes. These tips will help you decrease your energy usage and ultimately lead to a decrease in your energy bill:

    Seal Your Home

    When the mercury climbs, you’ll be using your air conditioner a lot more. If you have air leaks, you force your AC system to work harder. Sealing the leaks in your home will save you up to 30 percent on your energy bill. Leaks are typically found on doorways and windows, but make sure to check lesser-known culprits like electrical outlets and dryer vents. Once you find the holes, use caulk and weather-stripping material to seal them. You can also hire professionals to do a complete house audit.

    Upgrading Your Home’s Lighting

    Change out energy-sucking incandescent and CFL light bulbs to more efficient LEDs. CFLs are fairly efficient, but contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment. A single LED will last you 40 to 50 years, and a household with 25 LED bulbs will incur a savings of round $6,700 compared to incandescent bulbs. Go a step further by using natural light. If you have space to install larger windows that will help increase the amount of light that goes into your home, you can also regulate the amount of light (and heat) that comes with shades from a company like the Shade Store to help.

    Harness the Energy of the Sun

    Switching to solar is another way to reduce your energy bill. Although startup costs are high, you will see the savings relatively soon. You will also have the peace of mind that you are cutting down on your carbon footprint by using the rays of the sun. Elon Musk recently made an announcement that his company, SolarCity, is purchasing solar panel maker Silevo in an effort to create more solar panels and ultimately make solar energy more cost efficient.

    Upgrade Home Appliances

    It may be time to upgrade your home appliances, as well. Energystar.gov has a comprehensive list of the most energy efficient appliances, including everything from DVD players to air conditioners to refrigerators. Energy Star appliances will cost more than those that are not certified, but you will notice the savings on your next energy bill. Also, remember when you are upgrading your appliances to get rid of old ones. Refrigerators are the most common appliances that residents keep once they have gotten a new one; they also waste the most energy.

    What other tips do you have? Make sure to keep add any more energy saving tips below in the comment section!

  • Dog Urine Odor Removal – How Is It Done?

    Posted on July 21st, 2014
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    Does your dog have accidents in the house?

    Dog urine odor is one of the strongest and toughest odors to get rid of. Most products on the market are wet and must come into contact with the urine to remove the odor.

    This means if you have urine that has soaked into the carpet you must pull up the carpet and pad and soak the carpet, pad and floorboards. What a mess!

    With Clear The Air Cat & Dog Urine Odor Eliminator just sprinkle the granules on top of the carpet leave on overnight and vacuum in the morning and the odor is completely eliminated. Works well on all surfaces pulling the odors out of tile and concrete. If your dog or cat has an accident, don’t worry…Clear The Air can eliminate the odor!

    “I used the Pet Odor Eliminator on outdoor carpet for dog urine, it took the odor out, it was easy to use, natural and not messy like a wet product. I recommend the Concrete product for people with an odor problem on concrete or landscape rocks.” ~Brandie

    Want to know HOW to eliminate dog urine from your home? Follow these easy steps:
    • Remove feces and excess urine.
    • Sprinkle directly on furniture.
    • Leave overnight, then vacuum or shake off. Will not harm upholstery or leather.
    • Sprinkle on carpet, rugs, tile, linoleum or hardwood floors. Leave overnight, then sweep or vacuum. Clear the Air pulls odor from carpet, padding and sub floor.
    • Typically one application will eliminate all odors; occasionally a second application is necessary.
    • One canister covers up to 100 square feet.
  • Mutt Monday’s Success Story

    Posted on June 23rd, 2014
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    Meatball – A heart of gold and a gentle spirit!

    Happy Mutt Monday! Check out Meatball’s story…he has found his forever home from the San Diego Humane Society. Looking for a new four legged family member? Adopt from the San Diego Humane Society!!

    MeatballMy husband and I want to thank you and everybody at your facility for taking such good care of our new boy and for being so thoughtful in making sure he was a good fit for us and vice versa.  I’m super happy to report that he seems to already feel quite at home in his new house and has been nothing but a joy since we brought him here.  Chico and he seem to be getting along quite nicely and Chico is much more interested in him than he was yesterday.

    Meatball has already gotten accustomed to having a cat around and seems sort of indifferent towards LuLu which we’re taking as a good sign.  They’ve sniffed each other and they pass in the hallway without any signs of excitability….just a little bit of tail wagging.  That harness that we got him must be working too since walking him is super easy and he doesn’t pull at all!  He’s house trained and loves going into his crate since all his best stuff is in there.  He whines a bit if i leave the room or when we go to bed at night but within about two minutes all is quiet and we hear him working on his kong.

    I really can’t tell you how much we love him already…I’m getting teary-eyed just writing this.  He seems to have a heart of gold and a gentle spirit and an obvious enthusiasm for life and we can’t wait to get to know him more!

    Thanks again for bringing us together!!!!!

    The Burke Family

  • Success Story for Mutt Monday

    Posted on June 16th, 2014
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    Meet Charlee Boots…a sweet little pit bull adopted from the San Diego Humane Society!

    It is Mutt Monday and we love hearing success stories about dogs who have found their forever home! Check out Charlee Boots story and how happy she is with Julia and Adam who gave her a forever home:

    Charlee Boots (a.k.a. Peanut)

    Charlie_Boots“My husband and I adopted a blue pitbull from the San Diego Humane Society in January 2013. Her name was Peanut, but has since changed post adoption to Charlee Boots (she has all white paws).  We just wanted to give you an update. November 1st was her 1st birthday and she couldn’t be more perfect ! She is the most friendly and lovable pup a family could ever dream of. Everyone that comes across her falls in love with her and her goofy personality. She isn’t the most coordinated pooch, but she manages to chase the ball and wrestle with her older sister Emma Rose. Charlie_Boots2

    We celebrated her 1st birthday with homemade dog biscuits and having a puppy party for her 🙂 I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s a little Bichon mix like her sister since she lays on top of you to cuddle any chance she gets. My favorite thing about her is when she sings. I have NEVER heard her bark. She does this howling thing as she tries to talk back to you when you ask her a question. My husband and I would like to thank you for saving Charboots, and allowing us the opportunity to make her a part of our family. We are truly blessed and absolutely love having her in our family. We appreciate everything you do for animals, and are thankful you gave Charlee a second chance.

    Thank you, Julia & Adam”

  • New Baby? Keep Your Diaper Pail Smelling Fresh!

    Posted on May 28th, 2014
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    Diaper pail odors can become extremely strong and overwhelming.

    If you would rather not have the first thing you smell when you walk into your baby’s room be a smelly, poopy diaper, continue reading…

    Eliminate diaper pail odors with the help of Clear The Air! With frequent cleaning, use of Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminators, and limiting the diaper’s exposure to the air, your home can be the best smelling home with a baby in it on the block.

    Keep one or two of our Odor Eliminator Bags at the bottom of your diaper pail. You can also sprinkle our Odor Eliminator at the bottom of your diaper pail. We also recommend hanging a bag from the changing table, closest to the diaper pail to absorb odors as well.

    If you empty the diaper pail more frequently it will help cut down on the odor. This will also help your Odor Eliminator Bags last longer.

    Don’t use air fresheners. These only mask the odor and do not actually absorb the odor like Clear the Air’s Odor Eliminators. All you end up getting is a flowery/poopy diaper smell. Not too pleasant!

    Regularly wash out the diaper pail to limit bacteria in the air from the pail. Wash the pail with hot water and soap once in a while. This will help keep bacteria from growing.

    Do you have questions about using our product? Please comment on our blog or contact our customer service department. Our products are 100% safe, even if ingested, making it perfect to use around children and pets!

  • Happy Adoption Story From The San Diego Humane Society

    Posted on May 20th, 2014
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    Do you have a happy success story about a pet you adopted? Comment on our blog!

    The San Diego Humane Society recently posted a success story about a recent adoption. Check out Chloe and her story:

    Chloe (aka Loki)

    About a week after we had to put down our sweet 12-year old lab (thatChloe we had adopted from the Gaines Street shelter 4 years ago) we all had broken hearts and decided to start looking for a new dog.  We live in the Clairemont area and went back to the Gaines St campus, although we didn’t seem to connect with any of the animals currently there.

    We checked the website every day, and when we saw Loki’s picture we couldn’t wait to meet her.  We drove up to Oceanside and then stood in front of her kennel until we were called.   She had some behavioral issues and severe dog reactivity, and the counselor actually suggested we choose a different dog.  We still insisted that we wanted to see her. After interacting we fell in love, but had to wait until the trainer could meet with us, which was THREE DAYS AWAY. With sad hearts we went home and counted the minutes until we could go back to get her.

    Chloe.jpgIt’s now almost 2 months later…we have renamed her Chloe and she has settled right into our home and our hearts. We have had major breakthroughs with the dog reactivity and she now ENJOYS the dog park!  She loves to swim and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She has been a perfect pet in every way!  Thank you to the Oceanside staff for taking such good care of her until her forever family could find her.

    Melissa T.