• Get Rid Of Cigarette Odor From Anywhere

    Posted on January 18th, 2013
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    If you have bought or rented a new home and the previous dweller was a smoker, you are probably fed up with trying to get that sultry cigarette odor out of the house.

    Did you know Clear the Air will removed cigarette odor from ANYWHERE? Cars, homes, carpets, rugs, clothes, offices and anywhere else cigarette odor has crept in to.

    Unfortunately, cigarette odor has a way of creeping into the walls making it almost impossible to remove the odor completely.  Earth Care’s Clear The Air Odor Eliminator will pull these odors out of your house, 100% guaranteed!  Our product doesn’t even need to come in contact with the odor and it will remove the odors out of carpets, drapes, furniture, clothing and bedding.

    Clear the Air is simple to use and is an inexpensive solution to odor elimination.  Here are the directions to removing cigarette smoke odor out of your home:

    Hang 1-2 Earth Care Odor Eliminator Bags in each room that smells like cigarette smoke. One bag will cover 50-100 square feet. Odor will be eliminated in 24 hours.

    A Bag will last 1-2 months, if room is heavily permeated with smoke odor the bag may need to be changed more often at first.

    If odors are particularly strong or room has been smoked in for years sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpet and Furniture granules on carpets and furniture. Leave down 24 hours and vacuum. Odors will be completely eliminated.

    One canister of Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpet and Furniture covers 100 square feet; one bucket covers 900 square feet.

    Granules can also be placed in ashtrays and cigarette butt receptacles.

    Of course, if you have any questions on removing cigarette smoke odor, please do not hesitate to call our helpful Customer Service Agent, Pat, at (800) 611-1611 or (760) 941-5302 or via email: pmolina@cleartheair.com

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