• Spring is here and the skunks will be out!

    Posted on March 11th, 2021
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    Thankfully our product is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE solution to skunk spray odor! Check out our recent blog to see how you can remove skunk odor from any surface:

    Simple directions to remove skunk odors using Earth Care Odor Remover Bags:

    • Hang 1-3 bags in each room you smell the odor. 
    • Hang 1-5 bags in crawl space or attic if that is where the odor is coming from.

    Simple directions to remove skunk odors using Earth Care Granules:

    • Indoors liberally sprinkle granules on carpets, rugs, tile, linoleum, hardwood floors, concrete.  Leave down  24 hours and sweep or vacuum up.
    • Outdoors liberally sprinkle on concrete, kennels, garage, wood decks, leave down 24 hours and sweep up.
    • Crawl spaces liberally sprinkle directly on ground can be left down permanently.
    • Yards  liberally sprinkle on lawns, artificial turf,  and landscaping.  OK to leave permanently on landscaping and lawn, Earth Care acts as a time-release nitrogen fertilizer. 
    • Pets sprinkle pet with granules, gently work into coat.  Leave on as long as pet will tolerate.  It is best to do this outside so pet can shake off granules.  Repeat as necessary.  Granules are safe to use on pets.  Can also be used on humans.
    • Furniture and auto sprinkle on all types of furniture leave down 24 hours sweep or vacuum off.  

    Contact me if you have any questions about how to best use our products. Contact your distributor to purchase Earth Odor Remover Bags and the Bucket of Granules.  Click here for a list of distributors. 

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