• Success Story From The Humane Society

    Posted on January 12th, 2015
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    Here’s a wonderful story from the San Diego Humane Society about Katie, a.k.a. Madeline, a Tortoiseshell kitten.

    Katie’s mom writes:

    I adopted a beautiful female Tortoiseshell kitten from the San Diego Humane Society last October 23. Her name there at the SDHS was Madeline. I had just lost my precious 15 year old Manx kitty (Maggie) two months earlier and was ready to give another pet a home. I searched for what seemed a long time before I met Madeline, and she agreed I was the one to take her home.

    Madeline was one of the very first kittens I met there, as her little home was located in the front, inside the Gift Center, along with some other gorgeous kittens. Her name has since been changed to Katie, but we’ll call her Madeline here, as that was how everyone there at SDHS knew her. I could not believe how quickly she made herself right at home that first evening after departing the carrier. It was if she had been here a while and had already adapted. No time was wasted, as she wanted to play. Madeline has brought so much joy and love into my life.

    Katie / MadelineMadeline is just as described on her profile adoption intro. She has a ton of personality, is very friendly and social, loves people and loves to cuddle, when she has time and is ready. She is very independent. She loves to play fetch and her favorite activity is when we play with her cat catcher teaser toy. Anyone who comes to visit me is greeted with affection and excitement by Katie.

    Thank you to the SDHS for everything you do for the animals and also thank you to all the Volunteers and foster families for all they do in socializing, readying and loving the kittens as they await adoption.


    Are you ready to add a new furry family member? Check out the animals available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society here.

  • Lenora Is Looking For Her Forever Home

    Posted on November 24th, 2014
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    If you were thinking of getting a new dog for the family this Christmas, adopt a dog from the San Diego Humane Society. They have so many precious dogs looking to be your new best friend. Check out this beautiful birthday girl wishing for her new home!!

    Happy Birthday to this little beauty, Lenora! She’s been patiently waiting for more than 360 days for her new family and she’s hoping if she wishes hard enough, her birthday wish will come true!

    Lenora is 5 years old and as sweet as can be. She loves to snuggle and give kisses to her favorite humans. When she’s not cuddled up, she loves playing fetch and goofing around with the water hose.
    She’s also one of our top Volunteer Picks for her sweet demeanor and silly personality.

    Make her birthday wish come true this weekend at our San Diego Campus! Here’s more information on Lenora.

  • Success Story From The Humane Society

    Posted on November 3rd, 2014
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    Do you have a happy success story about a pet you adopted? Comment on our blog!

    The San Diego Humane Society helps many homeless animals find their new home. There are many senior cats in need of forever homes! Since November is adopt a senior pet month, here is a success story about Sia, a senior cat, who is very happy with her new family.

    Sia’s Story:

    I am attaching a picture of the lovely lady we adopted almost 1 1/2 years ago from SDHS on Airport Road. The senior pets are a passion of mine and I encourage people all the time to give one of these beautiful animals a chance and a home. They are typically easy to care for and just appreciate having a comfy place to nap, some food, and a little lovin.’

    We adopted Sia (aka Saipao) in May 2013 and she was almost 15 years old. She will be 16 in November and is going strong. There are many days that I don’t think she realizes how old she is!

    As you can see, she is a beautiful Blue Point Siamese and she has brought nothing but joy into our lives. There hasn’t been one day with her that we have regretted getting her.

    I hope by sharing her story that we can encourage more people to take a senior pet into their homes – you will never regret giving them peace and love in their final days/years!

    David & Gina D.

  • Ridiculously Remarkable RICKY!

    Posted on September 21st, 2014
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    Check out the latest hidden gem at the San Diego Humane Society. Ricky is looking for his forever home. Here is what the San Diego Humane Society has to say about him:

    Ricky is a 5-year old male Poodle mix. We just know that the right home is out there for this sweet guy – and that one moment is all it will take to fall in love with his adorable face and lovable personality!!

    Ricky is currently a Hidden Gem because he tends to get very anxious when left alone. For this reason, it will be very important for his adopters to continue his training and be very patient with him so that he can be as successful as possible. Ricky would also really benefit from having a doggy sibling in the home as well, as it is calming for him and helps provide him with further “instruction” on how to behave, by example. In his current foster home this has proved most helpful, along with enrichment toys and calming music if ever he’s left alone.

    Not only is Ricky good with other dogs, he also gets along well with cats and humans of all ages and sizes. What an absolutely amiable fellow, wouldn’t you say?!!

    If you are interested in more information, or to arrange an introduction with this sweet boy, please call our Oceanside Campus at (760) 757-4357

  • What Others Are Saying About Clear The Air’s Odor Eliminators

    Posted on July 30th, 2014
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    Did you know we offer a 100% guarantee that our product will eliminate any odor?

    Clear The Air produces amazing results when it comes to eliminating odors. See what others say about our products:

    Our cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has since contracted a bladder infection. To our complete annoyance, this caused him to not use the litter box and instead was using the carpeting. I bought this before the problem got completely out of hand and it worked like a charm. The directions say to let it sit overnight before vacuuming but of course I couldn’t wait that long and it still worked. Will be getting more of this product for future needs. ~Norah

    It magically absorbs pet odors from my carpets, even in high heat and humidity. It’s great for between shampooings. Just sprinkle, let it sit overnight and vacuum. ~Jayne

    I have tried 4 or 5 different products trying to get the old urine smells our of our carpet from my black lab’s potty training accidents. Nothing had worked. I thought I’d try this product, and since there was a money back guarantee, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I followed the instructions, sprinkled it on the carpet right before we went to bed, and then vacuumed it up the next morning, and just like that, the smell was gone! Finally my house smells fresh and clean again! 5 Paws up for Clear the Air! ~Ace’s Mom

    I have a house full of pets and someone is always leaving me a “surprise” Ive tried everything and nothing has worked or even come close to working except this! It TOOK the smell out of the carpet, not cover it up with perfumes. Ive even used it on my furniture just to freshen it up. And it really does work on wood floors too! I love this stuff!

  • Happy Fourth Of July – Keep Your Pets Safe!

    Posted on July 3rd, 2014
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    Did you know the Fourth Of July is the biggest day of the year that pets get lost?

    The animals shelters receive the most lost and scared pets on the Fourth Of July than any other day of the year.

    Please keep your pets safe at home and read our blog to make sure you are doing everything for your pet’s safety:

    • Don’t leave your pets outside. Even if your pet is used to being outside, the loud noises from fireworks may make them break free from their restraint or jump the fence if they are trying to find safety from the noise.
    • Keep alcohol away from pets. Pets can become dangerously intoxicated, go into a coma or even die from respiratory failure.
    • Leave your pet at home if going to watch fireworks. The combination of too many people and loud fireworks will cause your pet to freak out and do anything they can to seek shelter. Do not lock them in the car either!
    • Microchip your pet and make sure he or she has ID tags. If your pet does manage to get loose, an ID tag with your name and phone number on it will help your dog find his way back home. You also want to make sure your pet is micro-chipped.
    • Never use fireworks around your pet. Lit fireworks will not only scare your pet but they can cause severe burns, trauma to the face or paws and even death. They also contain toxic substances even when unused.
    • Don’t feed your pet from the table. Avoid giving your pet table food while you are barbequing or enjoying a backyard party. Onions, coffee, avocado, grapes, raisins, salt and more are all hazardous to your pets.
    • Oils, citronella candles, insect coils and other insect repellant products are toxic to your pet. Inhaling these toxins can result in respiratory illness such as pneumonia and indigestion which can harm your pet’s nervous system.

    What do you do to keep your pet safe and secure on the Fourth? Comment on our blog.

  • Check Out Juniper, Looking For Her Forever Home!

    Posted on January 27th, 2014
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    Meet Juniper!

    Juniper is a hidden gem at the San Diego Humane Society and is looking for HER forever home! Check out why she is so special:

    Ever met a dog who’s a leaner? Y’know, the type who sooo enjoys being pet that they start leaning into you? It’s like they are trying to get as close to you as possible. Um yah, it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever, just sayin’.  …Well on that note, I’d like to introduce you to Juniper, an adorable 1-year old Chow/ Golden Retriever mix, and a total leaner. And she might even roll over and grant you the honor of giving her a belly rub while you’re at it!

    While it’s true that Juniper can be a little shy at first – that’s only at first. Once she gets to know you, her abundance of charm and her sweet personality comes shining through! And what’s more, Juniper loves being friends with people and doggies alike. In fact, this special girl would love to have a dog buddy at home, to whom she promises that she’ll be a most loyal and devoted play pal! ‘Cause Juniper certainly does love to play! Fetching tennis balls is one of her favorite activities, but Juniper also enjoys simply romping around with her doggie buds. And, of course, throwing a toy into the mix is always encouraged. But with all her playfulness, this sweet girl still knows how to sit back and enjoy life, especially if cuddling on the sofa is involved!

    Juniper is currently living in a foster home where she has almost completely mastered potty training, and where she is also learning some very cool skills like “touch,” “shake,” and “come.” Not too shabby, eh? Her foster family has also been working to help Juniper feel more comfortable with the big scary world that’s all around her, and they tell us that she is making lots of progress. Of course, some things – like the vacuum cleaner – still make her very nervous. Her foster family says that Juniper’s ideal home would be one that’s adult-only (as the kiddies tend to make her really nervous), that’s not too loud or chaotic, and that has a high fence and another dog in the home, or at least lots of doggie play dates for her!

    Juniper’s adoption fee of $95 includes her spay, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, a bag of food from Hill’s Science Diet and a license if residing in Oceanside or Vista! As we said, this very special hidden gem is currently in foster care, so please contact us at (619) 299-7012 to set up an introduction or get more information!

    Check out more on Juniper at the San Diego Humane Society‘s Hidden Gem list on their website!

  • Go Green And Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

    Posted on January 24th, 2014
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    No one wants pests in their home.

    Unfortunately many solutions to getting rid of pesky pests involve harmful pesticides which are poisonous to you, your children and your pets.

    As a green product itself, Clear the Air likes to find green solutions to keeping pests out of your home.  We would like to share some helpful tips on keeping your home pest free, naturally!

    Before spreading poison throughout your living environment, which you, your children, and pets will breathe in, try these all-natural alternatives:

    Prune Shrubs – To control pests inside the house, a lot of work needs to be done outside the house. Insects often find their way into the house by climbing on shrubs and trees that are touching the outside walls of your house. Trim everything back so there is a foot clearance between plants and exterior walls.

    Rake – Likewise, many insects that live in leaf and lawn debris are going to find easy access indoors if they are hanging out near the foundation of your house. Rake this area well. Pull weeds and only keep plants and shrubs that are well cared for near your foundation. Anything that is dead or dying will attract insects.

    Clean the Kitchen – Ants often infest a kitchen faster than you can put the cap on the soda bottle. To prevent an all you can eat ant buffet, keep your kitchen clean. Washing dishes after each meal and putting all food away in the refrigerator will go a long way towards keeping the ant pests out of your house.

    Relax – Most insects won’t kill you, but the poison you spray on them might. So, if your insect problem is minor, then don’t worry about it too much. Take some preventative measures and let it go.

  • 5 Reasons To Adopt A Pet

    Posted on August 21st, 2013
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    Why adopting is better than purchasing a pet.

    Thinking about getting a new pet? Before you go to your local pet store or contact a breeder, please consider adopting a pet.

    The following are 5 reasons to adopt your pet:

    1. Healthy Pet – Animal shelters across the United States are filled with happy and health animals begging for a forever home. Shelters provide exams and vaccinations when the pets arrive and also spay and neuter pets before they go out to be adopted. Most animals are given to shelters because of people reasons like divorce, moving, or financial constraints, not because of anything they’ve done wrong.
    2. Save A Life – Did you know about 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the US because too many people give up their pets and too few go to a shelter to adopt? Unfortunately there is limited space at shelters and they must make the difficult decision to euthanize an animal who hasn’t been able to get adopted.
    3. Save Money – Adopting an animal in itself is much less expensive than buying from a breeder or pet store. The fees you pay at a shelter barely cover the cost of spay or neuter and vaccinations.
    4. Feel Better – Knowing you provided an animal a forever home that would otherwise not have one is a fulfilling feeling. Plus, animals give you unconditional love along with their psychological, emotional and physical benefits. Caring for a companion animal provides a sense of purpose and lessens feeling of loneliness and isolation for any age.
    5. Stop Supporting Pet Overpopulation – Puppy mills have poor conditions with improper medical care for both puppies and adults. By adopting you are helping to give a pet a second chance at having a loving and forever home.

    Please consider adopting if you are looking for a new fuzzy family member.

  • Tessa The Blind Dog

    Posted on June 24th, 2013
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    Such a great story from Adopt A Pet about a dog names Tessa who couldn’t find a home. We hope this touches your heart the way it did ours:

    While it’s no surprise that we believe every pet deserves to be safe and cared for, sometimes we’re touched by a story that is especially inspiring and serves to reminds the world of exactly how amazing animal rescue is.  Tessa’s story does just that. You remember Tessa. She was a blind and without the ability to walk. But with a little tender love and the support of this wonderful community of animal lovers, Tessa is starting a new chapter in her life.  And this chapter is one that is destined to be filled with happiness, as Tessa has officially been adopted into an awesome family that is just as thrilled to be a part of her life as she is to be saved.

    Here’s a note we received from Annie Hart, Executive Director of Bill Foundation who spearheaded the effort to save this angel:

    On January 10th of this year, I posted on Facebook and asked for our village’s help rescuing a blind dog named Tessa from the shelter. Little did I know that this rescue would not only change the life of a dog, but an entire community.

    The moment I rescued Tessa I knew there was more going on with her than just being blind. She was a shell of a dog; confused, painfully scared and she wouldn’t stand up or take even one step. We discovered that Tessa had hydrocephalus (fluid in her brain) and vertical nystagmus, which caused her to feel dizzy. Her prognosis was quite poor and her doctors didn’t think she would ever walk again, let alone regain her vision.

    With the support of our village, we took a leap of faith, began medical treatment and physical therapy, hoping to help Tessa find a way to live.

    Every progressive “step” Tessa took, our village cheered her on. They prayed for her to health and the celebrated each milestone.  When her video came out, they helped us by sharing it far and wide for more than three months hoping that one share would lead to that perfect family.

    On May 3rd, Tessa and I attended a “Specially Abled Pets Day” event held by our friends at Two Hands Four Paws. There we met a couple, who had seen Tessa’s video through a newsletter someone had sent them. There was an instant connection between Tessa and the woman, and not just because they had matching hair.

    As they left, I turned to my friends and said, “Gosh, I really hope they fill out an application”. My friend agreed, they were amazing and might be exactly what we had been waiting for.

    They did fill out the application and it was perfect for Tessa. A retired couple with 2 dogs and a cat of their own, plenty of time to dedicate to caring for Tessa, along with past experience caring for a special needs dog. So, Tessa and I began “dating” this new family and for the past few weeks we have slowly been integrating her into their home. Baby steps so that the transition is easier on Tessa.

    Well, Today is the big day! Tessa will officially begin her new life with her adoptive family!

    Thank you to everyone who has shared Tessa’s story and all those who donate to Bill Foundation. It is because of you that our rescues are possible. And a very special thank you to Adopt-a-Pet.com for their partnership in finding homes for abandoned animals and for helping us share Tessa’s story with the world.

    While it took a village to find Tessa a home, it took a very special blind dog to bring this village together.

    We are so happy for Tessa and her new family!  Thank you to everyone who helped Tessa by watching her video, sharing her story, or donating to an animal welfare organization that helps animals like Tessa be given the chance they deserve. And of course, thank you to Annie Hart for turning Tessa’s life around and for sharing a story that will inspire others!

    This story is from Adopt A Pet – You can read the entire article here: http://blog.adoptapet.com/tessa-the-blind-dog-who-couldn%E2%80%99t-walk-finds-happily-ever-after/