Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
(safe for the environment, too!)


  • Is Earth Care safe for my pets to walk on?
    Yes it is safe for your pets to walk on.
  • How much of the granules do I use?
    Sprinkle a liberal amount on or near odor. Leave on overnight and vacuum. Reapply if odor persists.
  • How large an area will one odor remover bag cover?
    One BAG will cover about a 100-200 square foot room. The more Bags used the faster and more effectively odors are adsorbed ...
  • Will Earth Care damage my carpet?
    Earth Care will not damage any carpet, even if some is left in the carpet.
  • What happens when Earth Care gets wet?
    When applied to wet carpets Earth Care will cake up and appear muddy. However, when it dries it returns to a powder which is easily vacuumed. It will not stain carpet. Any residue may be easily removed by wiping with a damp sponge mop. Earth Care may be applied directly on pet urine, even when soaking wet. When applying to wet urine apply enough granules until there are some dry granules on top.
  • Does Earth Care have an odor?
    No, Earth Care has no odor at all, nor does it leave any scent after use. After treatment the room should smell clean and fresh.
  • What is the shelf life of Earth Care granules?
    If the canister is closed it will last indefinitely.
  • What is the shelf life of Earth Care Odor Remover Bags?
    If the bag remains in the shrink warp it will last indefinitely. Once the Earth Care bag is opened it will last about 3 months, depending on how strong the odors are.
  • Is Earth Care toxic?
    No Earth Care is non toxic and biodegradable.
  • How should I dispose of used Earth Care?
    Once your Earth Care Odor Remover product is used up you can use it on your lawn or flower bed as it is a good time released nitrogen amendment ...
  • Why is Earth Care better than all of the other odor removers?

    A. Ozone Machines: Ozone machines are expensive. They require an operator. Over use can cause damage to fabrics and upholstery. The fumes emitted are toxic and persons cannot work in the same room while the machine is operating. The machine is operating as the ozone will attach and destroy the lung tissue.

    B. Chemical Sprays: These sprays can be toxic. They are expensive and require labor costs to apply. They often only mask the odors and add chemical to the air and most of the time will need to be reapplied where as Earth Care cleans the air.

    C. Enzymes: Enzymes are applied wet, and they can be toxic. They must be applied directly to the odor causing agent.  So that means you must apply messy liquids to everything that has been touched by the urine or odor causing agent.  Think carpet, carpet pad and floor board, this usually requires pulling up the carpet.

    D. Baking Soda: Comparing Earth Care to Baking Soda or Baking Powder is like comparing the effectiveness of a brick to a sponge in the effectiveness to absorb water. Earth Care is by orders of magnitude a much stronger odor remover.
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