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Smell is gone!

Monday 01 July, 2019

I got the cat and dog urine feces odor remover as a gift to try from my sister and I'm absolutely sold on it! We have both a cat and a dog who have made messes on the carpet in our walk in closet and on our window seat cushion. After using this, the smell was completely gone and there was a fresh neutral smell in the room. I'm out now and need to buy more. I also use in the cat box and it works wonders. I no longer walk in and say, The cat box needs attention"! Thank you Clean Air! Carla G.
Testimonial By: Carla Going — Solana Beach, CA, United States

Works Good and Quickly for Cat Urine

Friday 17 October, 2014

I am amazed.... your product has worked so good and so quickly..... I have tried everything to rid our patio carpet of cat urine from our cat that misses the litter pan on a daily basis.... thank you.....
Testimonial By: Kathleen W.

Musty Smell

Wednesday 17 September, 2014

This stuff is the Bomb!!! Better than any product i have ever used for musty smell in my bathroom.
Testimonial By: Mary Beth Vaughan — Vista, CA, United States — Vaughan Enterprises

Best Way to Eliminate Odors from Dead Animals

Wednesday 10 September, 2014

This is the best way we've ever had to eliminate odors from dead animals & animal excrement. A lady lost a tenant from rodent odor; (urine and feces). After using one Earth Care odor remover bag the odor was gone the next day. We fumigated a school classroom and had a dead rodent carcass odor. We put in a couple bags and the next day no odor.
Steve - M & M Termite & Pest Control
Newberry, Park, CA
Testimonial By: Steve — M&M Termite & Pest Control

They Work Great!

Wednesday 10 September, 2014

I used your Odor Removing Granules and I have to say they work great! I have tried just about everything on the market to get rid of cat urine smell and nothing has worked like your product.
Eileen I.
Testimonial By: Eileen I

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