Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
(Absorbs Odors Like A Sponge!)

How It Works

How Earth Care's Clear The Air Products Work

Earth Care Products can be used to eliminate odors by simply placing a bag near the odor, or by sprinkling granules over or near the soiled areas. Earth Care does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the entire room.

Earth Care Products are negatively charged and odiferous gasses ride on positively charged particles. Because of this negative and positive attraction Earth Care draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are absorbed and neutralized without any cover ups or fragrances.

The molecular structure of Earth Care consists of billions of microscopic pores, which gives it a large surface area (exceeding the size of a football field). This enables Earth Care to absorb phenomenal amounts of odors.

Earth Care does not cover up odors it literally clears the air, leaving the air fresh and clean.  Earth Care is fragrance free.

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