Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
(Absorbs Odors Like A Sponge!)


Safe Odor Eliminators from Earth Care Producs 

Earth Care is made from an all natural mineral.  It can safely be used around pets and children. It is safe to sprinkle in your pet's cage.  It can be applied directly to your pets fur; this is excellent if your pet has encountered a skunk, or to get rid of the "doggie" smell.

Many of the odor and pollution control products on the market today act merely as masking agents. This means they add chemicals to the air to cover up odors and actually increase the level of indoor pollutants in the process. Earth Care, on the other hand, truly eliminates odors. 

To dispose of Earth Care simply add the graunules to your soil, it is an excellent nitrogen soil amendment.  They can also be put in regular trash.  

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