Animal Safe Odor Eliminators
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1. Product and Company Identification:

                 Trade Name: Earth Care Odor Removers & Clear the Air

                 Manufacturer:     Earth Care Products

                                                  2205 Elevado Road

                                                  Vista, CA 92084       (760) 941-5302       fax (760) 941-0680


2. Composition/ Information on Ingredients:

Chemical Name:              Sodium aluminosilicate, a natural mineral

3. Hazards Identification:

               No specific health hazard known.  No fibrous  particles were present when tested by NIOSH.

4. First aid measures:

               Skin and Eye contact: Flush with water

               Inhalation: Move to dust free air, administer oxygen and CPR if  breathing stops.

               Ingestion: Drink 16 ounces (500 ml) of water.

5. Fire Fighting Measures:

               Flash point:  None                           Flammable limits:           None

               Not a fire or explosion hazard;  May be used to extinguish class A and B Fires.

6. Accidental Release Measure:

               Wear dust protection.  Sweep or scoop up and dispose in non-hazarduos waste.

7. Handling and Storage:

               Handle in a way to minimize dust.  Store at ambient temperature.

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection:

               Wear dust mask and safety glasses to prevent nuisance dust from entering nose, mouth and eyes.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties:

               Appearance: off-white                   Odor: none                        Melting Point: 2520

               Boiling Point: N/A                          Sp. Gravity: 2.2                Solubility in water: <0.01%

10. Stability and Reactivity:

               Hazardous Polyermerization: N/A              Incompatibility: None

               Hazardous Decomposition: N/A                 Stability (pH): Stable 2.2 - 12

11. Toxicological Information:

               Not classified as hazardous. 

               CAS # 12173-10-3

12. Ecological Information:

               Food chain concentration: Not applicable              Waterfowl Toxicity: Not applicable

               Aquatic toxicity: Not applicable                                              Atmospheric: Not applicable 

Biochemical oxygen demand: Not applicable

13. Disposal Considerations:

               Sodium Aluminosilicate is not classified as hazardous under RCRA.  Sweep or scoop up spilled material. 

Place in container for nonhazardous materials.  May be disposed of in soils as an additive, or in sanitary

landfill if uncontaminated by a hazardous material.  If any hazardous materials are present, dispose of


14. Transport Information:

               Sodium Aluminosilicates are not classified as hazardous material by the US DOT.

15. Regulatory Information:

               CERCLA: Not classified as a hazardous substance.

               California Prop 65: Sodium Aluminosilicate is not listed by the state of California to cause cancer or

reproductive toxicity.

16. Other Information:

Food and Drug Administration: 582.2727 Subpart C-Anticaking Agent: Sodium aluminosilicate is

generally recognized as safe for use at a level not exceeding 2% in accordance with good manufacturing

or feeding practice.                       

               The information above is believed to be accurate and represents the best information currently available to us.

We make no warranty, with respect to this information, and we assume no liability resulting from its use. 

Users should make their own investigations to determine the suitability of the information for their particular


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