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Odor Removal Methods

                                                        The Pros and Cons of Five Odor Removal Methods

This is a summary of the most common odor eliminators.  I saved the best until last!

Masking Agents:  These are typically fragrance cakes, candles, plug-ins and sprays.
Pros:  Acts immediately, who does not love the yummy smell of a good candle.
Cons:  Often is so strong that it is worse than the offending odor.  Not great for people with allergies or sensitivities, not long lasting.

Contact Odor Control:  Enzyme based products, also called live bacteria or biodegradation. These come in liquid and sprays.
Pros: They work quickly on airborne odors when sprayed.
Cons: They must come into contact with the odor source to work.  So if there is urine on carpet, you must pull up the carpet, padding, and soak the floorboard, padding and carpet for the product to work.  May take a few hours to get rid of the surface odors.  Since they are liquid they are often messy to work with.  May be harmful to pets or children if touched or eaten.  May stain carpet or upholstery.

Ozone Machines:  These machines are often used in hotel rooms.
Pros:  Because of safety issue we will only mention cons.
Cons:  Poor performer unless used at very high levels where they are extreme health hazards, especially for people with breathing issues and around pets.  We suggest you investigate the safety of these machines before using them at The California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency.

Time:  Most odors will eventually go away with time.  If odor is from a dead rat carcass it can take two weeks to over two months to dissipate.
Pros: Free
Cons:  Who can stand the odor for any amount of time?

Anions:  These work by a natural affinity of attraction between the odor molecules and the anion.  The odors are pulled into the anions like a powerful magnet and then the odors are neutralized.  Earth Care Products are an example of this type of odor eliminator.
Cons: Takes 2-24 hours to work. Some are hazardous to ones health if swallowed depending on the manufacturer.
Pros:  Eliminates odor does not mask odor.  No perfume smell, great for people with allergies or sensitivities.  Does not have to come into contact with the odor producer, so if there is urine on the carpet, simply sprinkle on top of carpet wait 48 hours and vacuum up.  Or simply hang a bag and the odors will be drawn in and eliminated.  

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