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Skunk Odor Remover

Remove Skunk Smell with Earth Care's Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Skunk Smells

You hear a noise outside and open the door and in runs your dog that has been sprayed by a skunk, before you know it he has rubbed all over your furniture, rugs and you! Clear The Air Odor Skunk Odor eliminator will completely eliminate skunk smell from your dog, the furniture, carpets, lawn/shrubs, and you.

If your dog is sprayed by a skunk, just sprinkle the Skunk Odor Remover directly on your pet, as well as inside and out side to eliminate skunk odors. Clear The Air does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the entire area. Clear The Air draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are absorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances. Clear The Air does not cover up odors; it literally "clears the air" leaving the air fresh and clean.  

No need to remove granules from your lawn or vegetation, as they provide an excellent time-released nitrogen fertilizer.

How to Eliminate Skunk Smells

  • Sprinkle pet with granules, gently work into the coat.  Leave on as long as pet will tolerate.  It is best to do this outside so your pet can shake off the granules.  Repeat as necessary.  Can also be used on humans.
  • Sprinkle on pet bedding or clothes.  Leave down 24 hours then shake off.
  • Sprinkle on concrete patios, pool areas, dog runs, kennels, garages or basements.  Leave down 24 hours and sweep or vacuum.
  • Shake liberally on lawns, artificial turf and landscaping where skunk odor originates.  Okay to leave permanently on landscaping and lawn.  Clear The Air acts as a time-release nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Sprinkle indoors on carpet, rugs, flooring or furniture.  Leave down 24 hours, sweep or vacuum.
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"About 6 months ago at least 2 skunks got into our attic. One sprayed when it was caught in a rat trap and another sprayed for some other reason. The whole house stank. The smell got into our upstairs duct work. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell with very limited success. Enzyme products have done only a little good. We had the ducts cleaned, which helped not at all. I put one of your bags in the return aid duct, one in my boy's room's closet and one in the master BR closet. The granules I spread around in the attic, all 9 lbs. Within 2 hours, the smell which has hounded us for 6 months was just gone! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. After all I have been through and all the money I have spent trying to solve this problem, I can truly say, you have an amazing product that does what it claims to do. Please feel free to use my name and testimonial."

Thomas S. Jamul, CA

Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator 28 oz

Carpet/Furniture Odor Eliminator 28 oz

BONUS SIZE!   Order the bonus size and save $5.   Receive the same amount as 2- 14 oz canisters.  Remove pet urine and feces odors...
Large Economy Size Bucket of Odor Remover Granules 9lbs

Large Economy Size Bucket of Odor Remover Granules 9lbs

Order this large economy size bucket to get your best buy for the granules.   It will cover approximately 900 square feet. Earth...
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