• How Do I Know My Cat Loves Me?

    Posted on July 24th, 2013
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    Cats are funny animals in that they don’t show too much emotion when it comes to showing that they love you.

    Clear The Air loves cats and we have a couple of our own. We’d like to share some cool ways that cats show they love you:

    • Half Mast Eyes – If you are lying in bed or on the couch with your cat and his eyes are half shut while he looks at you, he is telling you he is comfortable with you. For cats, this is a huge compliment they are giving you.
    • Rolling Around With Tummy Up – A cat laying with its belly up is showing that he thinks you are safe and won’t hurt him. He is saying he trusts you and can let his guard down.
    • Kneading or “Biscuit Making” – When a cat kneads on you – moving his paws up and down on you – he is saying he loves you. Kittens do this same action to stimulate their mother’s milk production. This is a sign of contentment; your cat is reliving his happy moments as a kitten.
    • Head-butt – A head-butt, also known as a head bump, is your cat letting you know how highly he thinks of you, almost like a secret handshake. Not every cat does this and this behavior is somewhat rare. If you put your hand by his head and he shoves his head into your hand, he is giving you an affectionate head-butt.
    • Talking – Cats do not meow with other cats so when your cat is talking away in his meow language, he is talking to you! Usually letting you know he is hungry, wants a treat or wants to go outside. Usually if you talk back to them they’ll carry on quite a long conversation with you. 🙂

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