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    Posted on September 17th, 2020
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    There have been some changes at Earth Care Products during the pandemic.  For years our packaging has been done by special needs adults (clients).  In March the facility where our packaging is done had to send all of their clients home.  Our production came to a grinding halt!

    My wife and I jumped into action and began assembling our products ourselves.  Like many we thought this would last a few weeks.  But  it has dragged on much longer than most of us imagined.  The special needs clients still have not been able to return.

    We are blessed that the facility allowed us to come in and assemble our products assuring that  there has been no interruption in providing our customers on time delivery of our products.

    It has been a great learning experience.  The need to automate was apparent  and we have bought equipment to do so.  

    Like many small businesses we have learned to adapt.  I know that many of you and thousands of  businesses across the world  have learned to adapt and change.  It is a great testament to peoples ingenuity, grit, and determination.  Post pandemic will be a time to reflect on the changes that have occurred both good and not so good.

    We appreciate your continued support and business.  I would love to hear your stories of pandemic survival, email me or maybe we can share a beer at Pest World 2021 or PestEx 2021.

    Remember to order our Odor Remover Products from your distributor. They will remove odors from dead rodents, trash/garbage, musty mildew, skunk, urine/feces, and smoke.  

    Contact me if you have any questions about how to best use our products.

    Thank you!

    Bill Vaughan

    Earth Care Products

    760 941 5302

    Makers of the best odor remover products in the world.



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