• 5 Tips to Make Cleaning Fun

    Posted on February 7th, 2014
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    If your sense of shame outweighs your desire to entertain, it might be time to step up the housework.

    Piles of stuff, a smelly fridge, an oven that needs cleaning, toothpaste on the bathroom sink—if this describes the way your home looks most of the time, finding a few cleaning shortcuts will definitely help you out.

    It’s not necessary to spend every day engaged in heavy housework if you know and practice the cleaning tweaks recommended by the pros.

    Soaker Method

    Spray it down and let the cleaner do the work for you. Often, allowing a cleaner five minutes to soak into a surface will save you 20 minutes of strong elbow grease. The same goes for toilet bowl cleaner when you treat the bowl before bed and swish it in the morning. For odors that just don’t want to leave, Clear the Air products will get your house smelling fresh and clean. Placing a bag or sprinkling granules around the house will completely eliminate those stubborn smells.

    Make an Appointment With Yourself

    If it’s clutter that has you firmly in its overwhelming grasp, make an appointment with yourself several times a week. Even 15-minute intervals provide enough time to whittle down the piles of mail, toys and dislocated items that belong in other rooms or out of your life altogether. Pencil yourself in on your desk calendar, just like you would a doctor or dental appointment. This way you’ll be more apt to honor the commitment you’ve made to a more organized home.

    Make Cleaning Convenient

    Imagine how difficult it would be for your mechanic to fix your car without the proper tools. Mechanics have implements that make their jobs easier, such as specialty wrenches, extension arms and more. If you approach cleaning with the same mentality—that it takes tools to get the job done right—the task will take on a whole new energetic feel. Find the products that work best for you and make those little household jobs easier:

    • Antibacterial wipes
    • Microfiber cleaning cloths
    • Specially shaped mop heads
    • Over-size buckets
    • Handy cleaning caddy

    The items mentioned above shouldn’t cost much, but you should also invest in a a high-output, low-weight vacuum, like the ones made by Dyson and sold at department stores.

    Hampers in Every Room

    If even one person in your family is guilty of leaving a trail of discarded clothes in their wake, keeping a laundry hamper in every room will make life much easier. Those little piles of socks and leggings that were pulled off and tossed in the corner go far in giving your home a disorganized feel. Keep the clothes off the floor and neatly tucked away in hampers.

    An Ounce of Prevention

    It’s the little things that matter—like one doormat that sits just outside every entrance and a second one that lays just inside. It’s the double whammy of dirt prevention. Removing shoes at the door, Keeping a cleaning tablet dissolving inside your toilet tank and adding a few drops of olive oil to your floor rinse to help prolong the shine on your wood floors are all excellent preventative measures you can take to help cut down on the workload throughout the week.

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