• 5 Tips To Store Your RV For The Off Season

    Posted on August 23rd, 2013
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    Unless you’re a full-timer, you need to store your RV in the off-season.

    The following tips will help you prepare your coach for the months it sits idle, so that it will be in top shape when you are ready to take your next trip.

    1. Make sure to hang Clear The Air Odor Eliminator Bags throughout the RV and especially in the refrigerator. The bags work best if there is constant air flow through the RV so if you can, leave the windows at least cracked.
    2. Cancel liability, collision, medial and uninsured portions of the RV’s insurance policy if you are storing your RV on private property. Keep comprehensive coverage.
    3. Clean your RV battery and terminals with baking soda and water and make sure it is fully charged. A fully battery wont freeze until at about minus 80 degrees F but a discharged battery can freeze at only 30 degrees below. Store your battery in a dry, cool and ventilated area away from children and pets.
    4. Check to make sure critters are not building nests in or around your RV and engine. Before you start your RV engine or take your coach out of storage, check for nests and rodent damage to wires.
    5. Avoid parking your RV tires on the soil and park on thick plywood covered with plastic. Unprotected tires will deteriorate faster.

    Do you have any tips to storing your RV? Please comment on our blog to share with us!

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