• 5 Ways Pests Are Getting Into Your Home

    Posted on September 20th, 2013
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    If you have a problem with rats and mice getting into your home, you will want to read further!

    If mice and rats seem to keep making themselves at home where you live, chances are they are getting in through these entry ways:

    1. Holes in the wall – search for any gaps around anything that passes through your walls such as plumbing, AC lines, gas lines, phone and TV cables and exhaust vents. Gaps in siding and around the trim of your home are another place small pests will get in.
    2. Holes in screens – look for any torn screens or worn out weather stripping that will provide a big enough entryway for any type of pest. Make sure the rubber weather stripping under your garage door seals tightly to the floor. This is a perfect way for mice and rats to make their way in.
    3. Basements, garages and attics – on a sunny day, peek your head into any of these rooms and look for light peeking into the dark room through any holes. A heavy concentration of cobwebs indoors will also indicate an entry point.
    4. Wood piles or bushes – Anything that is outside and is touching your home is a great way for rats and mice to make their way to your home easily. Trim back your branches and store your firewood away from the side of your house.
    5. Roof vents – a missing or chewed through screen on a roof vent will let all sorts of rodents into your home.

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