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    Posted on May 12th, 2014
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    Juliet & Gellman – the Purrrrfect Pair!

    Check out Juliet and Gellman from the San Diego Humane Society:

    Theirs is a story of friendship, and the special healing that it can bring. You see, both 6-month old Juliet and 1-year old Gellman were painfully fearful when they first came into our care. Each was transferred to us from different local shelters who needed our help in caring for them. Although they came in separately and at different times, their primary caregiver, Shannon, thought they might do well together. Her hope was that they might help each other come out of their shells a little.

    Her idea worked wonderfully – and the two cats took to one another like peanut butter and jelly!

    While both are still a bit nervous at first when being pet, it only takes seconds before they’re leaning into you – eager for more affection. Juliet, in particular, is very playful once she has warmed up and will solicit attention from those she’s closest to, sometimes even bestowing upon them the high honor of giving her cute tummy a rub! She also is very cat-friendly and seems to enjoy the company of a variety of other cats. Oh, and give this girl a special treat (baby food happens to be a favorite) and her heart will be yours!

    Gellman is more the quiet, observant-type. Mellow and sweet, he remains comfortable and relaxed in the presence of people but is a little more hesitant to approach, always glad to have Juliet to “check in with” when he’s feeling a little uncertain. However, if the mood should strike, he’s been known to be quite playful and silly when approached with a wand toy!

    Of course, regardless of their individual personalities, it’s together that these two felines really shine brightest. Many a heart has melted at the sight of the two of them snuggled up together (sometimes squeezing into rather tight quarters just to do so!) or grooming one another sweetly. They have a unique bond, and it has fostered tremendous growth in each of them and helped them share the adorable personalities they always had just hidden beneath the surface. It’s because of this bond that the two BFFs will need to be adopted together into the same loving home. And what wonderful companions they are certain to make! Once they bond to you and feel comfortable in their surroundings, you will quickly see their sweet and incredibly lovable personalities and we’re certain you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever managed without them!

    These phenomenal felines are not currently in public view so if you are interested in meeting the breathtakingly beautiful Juliet and the heartbreakingly handsome Gellman, please contact our San Diego Campus at (619) 299-7012 for more information or to arrange an introduction!

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    Animal IDs 138034 & 139857

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