• Avoid Doggy Destruction – 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy While You’re Away

    Posted on June 10th, 2013
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    We all have to work and sometimes our dogs have to get left at home while we are away.

    Check out these great ways to keep your dog entertained while you are away and he is home alone from Clear the Air:

    1. Lots of walks – It is a great idea to take your dog for a walk before you go off to work. Not only will he be able to go potty to reduce the chance of an accident but you two will get to spend some quality time together. You might want to throw the ball and include some playtime in your walk to tire him out so he can relax while you are at work.
    2. Toys – Introducing a new toy while you he is home alone can add some excitement to your dog’s life. A chew toy that your dog has to work out while you’re gone is the best. Try hiding toys for a few days and reintroducing it to him as well. Toys such as a Kong or food cube will encourage your dog to stay active while trying to work at getting the treat out of the toy. Even the laziest of dogs may not be able to resist a toy that gives them yummy treats when they play with it.
    3. Water – Making sure your dog has enough water while you are gone is extremely important. A dog fountain provides a constant supply of clean fresh water and many dogs love the diversion that a fountain can create.
    4. Sound – When you are out, leave on a CD or tune the radio to a clear station and let it play while you are out. This will not only feel like he isn’t alone but the noise will keep him company as well.
    5. Comfortable Bed – Create a comfortable place for your dog to relax. He will most likely want to snooze while you are away and making his spot inviting and comfortable will help keep him a good boy while he’s along.

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