• Cotton Is Looking For His Furrrrrever Home!

    Posted on June 9th, 2014
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    Cotton – the Purrrrfect Choice!

    Cotton is a “Hidden Gem” at the San Diego Humane Society. Check out his story…he is looking for a forever home. If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a kitty, please consider Cotton from the San Diego Humane Society:

    Look up the word “sweet” in the dictionary and it’s altogether possible that the definition you find will simply read: “Cotton the cat.” Of course, the same can easily be said for any similar such words, e.g. “Lovable,” “Affectionate,” “Loving,” etc. And you could rest assured that you were being given completely accurate information (from a crazy awesome type of dictionary no less).

    You see, this 7-year old Himalayan/Domestic Longhair mix is the epitome of all such words and sentiments. Truly. Like seriously, you have no idea. Cotton has managed to take all of our collective hearts, steal them, and also melt them simultaneously. All he wants is to nuzzle, purr, and affectionately knead his way into your arms.

    Want to hold him like a baby?
    Guess what? He wants you to, too!

    Looking for a feline who isn’t afraid to express his sweeter, softer side?
    Well, you’re in luck because he just so happens to be looking for you, too!!

    Now, it is perhaps worth mentioning that the aforementioned feline is the sweetest and most loving and adoringly adorable kitty you have ever met… just so long as you are a human being. Or at least not another male cat. He seems okay with the ladies. Might even do well with a doggie. He just ain’t too keen on other male kitties so much. But boy-oh-boy with this boy, and the abundance of love he has to share, you will never find yourself lacking in the love department with him by your side!!

    Cotton is also FIV positive. What does that mean? Sound scary?? It really isn’t, it just means that it’s harder for him to fight infection. Many FIV+ cats live long and happy lives! They can live as an only cat or with other FIV+ cats.

    Cotton is currently available for adoption at our San Diego campus but is residing behind-the-scenes, so you will need to be sure to ask for an introduction! His adoption fee of only $65 is such a small price for the ginormous amount of love that he will introduce into your life! It also includes his neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, and a license if residing in Oceanside or Vista! For more information about this lovable gem of a kitty, or if you’d like to meet him, please contact Customer Service at (619) 299-7012 or stop by our Gaines Campus. Animal ID 140626

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