• Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy While You Are At Work!

    Posted on February 27th, 2018
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    Are your pets at home by themselves all day?

    It is important for your pet’s health to be active and have mental stimulation. You can also help prevent problem behaviors, like chewing up the furniture, by providing your pets with toys or activities to do while you are gone. 

    Here are some tips from the ASPCA on how to keep your dogs and cats active.

    • Keep moving! Healthy adult dogs need at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a day. Jogging, swimming, and playing at the dog park are all great ways to burn excess energy.
    • Engage them in games, like fetch and tug-of-war—they’re not only great exercise but also teach your pet impulse control and strengthen the bond between you.
    • Keep your dog occupied when he’s home alone by giving him a food-stuffed puzzle toy or some tasty chew toys.
      Like their canine counterparts, cats also need plenty of aerobic exercise. Get kitty fit with play sessions, such as chase and fetch with furry toys, small balls or toy mice.
    • Encourage your cat’s favorite home alone activities, including bird watching, exploring paper bags or boxes, watching cat videos or spending time in secure outdoor enclosures.
    • Teach your cat new tricks! Felines are quick studies and can learn practical skills like coming when called and rolling over!

    Check out more tips for keeping your pets active in the winter here.

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