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    Posted on January 31st, 2017
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    Clear The Air would like to share a couple reviews from Amazon.com about our Earth Care Odor Eliminators.

    “Have used this product for years. I discovered it several years ago here on Amazon when my newly moved into apartment had a severe cat urine odor!! No liquid spray products nor shampooing the carpet worked and so I bought this sprinkly stuff and after covering the area for 3 days and then vacuuming it up, the odor was gone and never came back!
    Now married, my wife and I got a rescue young dog from the Humane Society and she quickly thoroughly soiled our carpet. So I bought more and as I write this our carpets are covered in these little sand looking thingies and by Friday we will be odor free again!
    I highly, highly, highly, recommend this stuff and though this is my first time buying from this seller, they have had great customer service.”

    I was skeptical at first but after reading so many positive reviews I gave it a try and bought two bags anyways. When this product arrived, I placed a bag close to where my smell was coming out of the wall. A few hours later, I came back and sniff as hard I as I could multiple times in the same location and the smell was “completely” gone. It was like the smell was never there in the first place. Though the bag has a coverage area of only 100 sq ft, it was more than enough if I could pinpoint the source of the smell and place this bag near it. I read that the smell could last as long as one month so this bag will last long enough until the smell is gone. Saved me a lot of headaches and potentially a lot of money. Earthcare, thank you so much for making such an AMAZING product that I never knew about.”

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