• How To Remove Gym Odors

    Posted on November 2nd, 2013
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    Locker rooms and gyms are frequently a source of foul odors.

    If you want to eliminate odors in your gym or locker room, continue reading:

    These odors range from uniforms and gym bags, sweaty clothes, mold and mildew from the shower rooms, perspiration odors and odors from sports equipment. Earth Care Odor Remover Bags can easily and economically remove these odors.

    Earth Care Odor Remover Bags are simply hung in the area where odors are a problem and the odors are eliminated. This unique form of Earth Care Products Mineral does not have to come into contact with the odor producer; it will pull the odors from the entire area.

    Clear The Air draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are adsorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances. Clear The Air does not cover up odors; it literally “clears the air” leaving the air fresh and clean. Clear The Air is made from an all natural mineral, is non toxic and biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth. It is safe around children and pets even if eaten.

    To eliminate locker room odors, hang 1 bag for every 50-100 square feet in gym. Odors will be eliminated in 24 hours. The Bag will continue to eliminate odors for up to 3 months.

  • Smelly Gym Bag and School Shoes?

    Posted on August 19th, 2013
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    It’s back to school time!

    It is time to get back into the groove of school nights, backpacks and after school sports practices.

    Clear The Air thankfully works to eliminate all types of foul odors. Some odors that we encounter a lot during the school year are stinky gym bags and kid’s school shoes.

    In order to eliminate stinky gym bags and lockers follow these steps:

    • If your gym bag smells, empty the bag and place it outside where you have air flow. Unzip all the bag’s compartments and place one to two of our Clear The Air Odor Eliminator Bags in your gym bag. Leave overnight and within 24 hours your odor will be eliminated.
    • If your gym locker smells, hang our Clear The Air Odor Eliminator Bag in your locker. Leave the bag in your locker for up to three months, the lifetime of our Odor Eliminator Bags, and replace with a new one.

    In order to eliminate smelly school shoe odor, follow these steps:

    • If possible, wash the shoes in a washer machine. Place outside to dry. Once they are dry, leave them outside and sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminating Granules inside the shoe and on top of the shoe. Leave our product on the shoe for 24 hours. Shake the granules off the shoe and voila, your shoes will smell like new!

    Have questions about eliminating shoe and gym bag odors? Please contact us!

  • Eliminate Smelly Shoe Odor

    Posted on April 25th, 2013
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    Do your shoes smell? Are you embarrassed to take them off? We can help!

    Clear the Air would like to share some helpful tips to eliminating shoe odor and avoiding embarrassment when it comes to removing your shoes.

    1. Run your shoes through the wash or hand wash them if they are delicate. Use plenty of soap and water to ensure you get your shoes fully clean.
    2. Place them outside in a well ventilated area. Sprinkle a liberal amount of our Clear The Air Odor Eliminator in your shoes and leave outside.
    3. After 24 hours, grab your shoes and shake out the Clear The Air Granules.
    4. Put your shoes on and you are ready to go!

    If your shoes still have a hint of odor lingering, you may want to do a second application. It is important to remember to leave your shoes in a well ventilated area when sprinkled with Clear the Air.

    Our product also works wonders on gym bags and lockers. Place our odor eliminator bag in your gym bag and within 24 hours odors will be eliminated. You can also hang our Odor Eliminator Bag in your gym locker to eliminate odors.