• Warning – Keep A Flood Out Of Your Home

    Posted on May 13th, 2013
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    Clear the Air knows how devastating a flood can be. We would like to share some helpful tips to keeping flood waters out of your home.

    Please remember to use our Clear The Air Odor Eliminator Bags to eliminate musty mildew odors you may experience as the result of a flood.

    • Give the water an opportunity to disperse before it reaches your home. Clear ditches and deans to make sure they are free flowing.
    • Use silicone sealants around all gaps in your windows and doors. Pay special attention to pipe and cable entry points.
    • Walls and floors can be made more water-resistant by having extended concrete footings and a waterproof membrane put in the foundation.
    • Install anti back-flow valves by a plumber.
    • Keep an ample supply of sand bags ready to use. During flooding you can guarantee they’ll become sparse. If you are in dire need and cannot find sand bags, you can use plastic bags or pillow cases filled with soil.
    • Place a half filled bag lengthways against a door and parallel to the direction of the water flow. Tuck the open end of the sand bag under the bag and turn it towards the water flow.
    • Sand bags placed in layers, like a brick wall so each layer overlaps, will help create a strong barrier.
    • If you live in a condo or town-home, discuss with your neighbors your plans for a potential flood.