• How To Eliminate Odors From Dumpster Rooms

    Posted on October 15th, 2014
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    Is the odor from your dumpster room offending the businesses and stores nearby?

    Earth Care Odor Remover Bags are used by Pest Control Professionals to remove dumpster room odors. Earth Care Odor Remover Bags are easy to use, just hang them in the dumpster room and they will completely eliminate the odors.

    Here’s how to eliminate odors from the dumpster room and trash cans:

    • Move bins out of the way and spread Granules from the Earth Care Bucket over the wet area.  Put down enough granules to where at least 50% of the granules on top are still dry.
    • Spread a liberal amount of granules on top of the rubbish in the bins.  If the rubbish is wet on top make sure to add enough to where you have some dry granules on top.
    • If rubbish bin is in doors hang 2 bags immediately above the bins, high enough where the bags do not obstruct lid when opened.  Use 2 bags per rubbish bin.
    • In one hour you should realize a noticeable lowering of the odor.  If the odor is still at a high unacceptable level add more granules and bags to reduce the odor.
    • Change bags out monthly and add granules monthly or as needed.
    • Sweep up granules under bins after 2 or 3 days.
    • To remove odors from trash can simply sprinkle granules into trash can.  No more stinky garage from your trash cans!
    • The Result:  The odors will be greatly reduced or eliminated.  This will result in less insects and rodents being attracted and a much more pleasant healthier area.
  • You and Your Pet Bird – Good Things To Know

    Posted on January 26th, 2012
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    We came across some great tips for bird owners.  Of course, we always recommend using Clear the Air’s Odor Remover to sprinkle at the bottom of any animal cage to aid in eliminating odors.  It is completely safe around pets and children, even if eaten!

    If you haven’t already purchased your new pet bird, it is a good idea to get him either from a responsible breeder or, better yet, adopt one from a shelter or avian rescue group.  You can call your local shelter to see if they have any birds or know of any local bird rescues you can visit.

    Before bringing your bird home, you will want to make sure you purchase a large well constructed cage.  No matter the species, it is important for your bird to have enough room to stretch his wings and fly short distances.  To prevent escape or injury, the bars on the cage should only be .4 inches apart.  Horizontal bars and perches need to also be installed in your cage at varying heights.

    Line the bottom of the cage is plain paper or paper bags that are cut to size and make sure it is changed daily.  You can sprinkle Clear The Air’s Odor Remover to help eliminate bird odors every time you clean out your birds home.  Place your bird’s cage in a warm, bright part of the house off the floor that is close to where the action is but away from drafts and direct sunlight.  Make sure your bird is not close to the kitchen as they are extremely sensitive to fumes from ovens, cookware and such.

    When it comes to feeding your bird, pelleted food is the way to go.  While seed mixes provide variety, they do not always provide the best nutrition. A high quality food that is formulated for your bird’s species is ideal. Fresh veggies and fruits should be given to your bird every day.  Dark, leafy greens are packed with vitamins and many birds also enjoy carrots and broccoli.  Fresh cold water should also be available at all times and changed at least once a day.

    A trained and tamed bird will need at least an hour of exercise out of the cage in a safe and enclosed room every day.  He may simply want to just sit on your shoulder or explore the room.  For birds that do not take to handling, providing a selection of toys like ladders, swings and mirrors with bells are a great way to keep your bird entertained.

    Providing a shallow dish at the bottom of the cage is a great way to provide a bath for your bird and keeping his plumage looking perfect.  It is probably a good idea to schedule a bath right before you plan to clean out the cage.

    Take your bird to the vet annually.  Weight loss or gain is often an indicator of illness and your vet can conduct any necessary tests to help monitor your bird’s health.

    Clear The Air Odor Remover is a safe a non toxic way to eliminate odors in your bird cageClick Here to read more and purchase our Clear The Air Odor Remover.