• Second Chance Pet Adoptions – New Clear the Air Satisfied Customer!

    Posted on May 22nd, 2012
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    Clear the Air is so happy to share another wonderful testimonial from a fully satisfied customer!  Dawn-Marie volunteers much of her time and money to ensure puppies are found their forever home!

    Check out what she had to say about Clear the Air!

    My name is Dawn-Marie Ennis and I am the puppy mom for all wee ones that come through Second Chance Pet Adoptions in Raleigh, NC.  Of course fostering the puppies means a lot of accidents, on our carpets and concrete floors.  I have just recently found your product, and am THRILLED at how well it works!  Trust me, I really have tried everything on the market!

    At first I was able to locate canisters of Clear the Air at my local pet supply stores, but I seem to have bought up every single one here in the Triangle area.  Because we are a donation based rescue, I spend my own money on cleaning supplies which gets expensive.

    I have been singing your praises and highly recommend your product to people who are adopting a puppy and also let all our foster parents know just how wonderfully it works.  The thing I love the most, that it is a dry product, and that is what intrigues most everyone I tell.  We all HATE the wet carpet feeling all other products have.  Puppies will go where they smell others have gone before them, and after 8 litters of 5 puppies or more lets just say my puppy room had a not so fresh feeling.  Which was making it very difficult for me to house train my current litter of 5 English Bull Dog mixed little boys.  And that breed is not known for having good sniffers.  It took just one 28 oz canister to demolish the stink in the wall to wall carpet.  After that, my husband and I did a different room in our home every night.  We are in love with the results!  Our house smells less like dogs and cats, and more like fresh spring air.

    So thank you, to the inventors, and everyone else involved in the making of Clear the Air!  It truly is the best thing out there for odor control.

    You can check out Second Chance Pet Adoptions website at: www.secondchancenc.org