• How To Eliminate RV Odors

    Posted on January 16th, 2014
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    Eliminating foul odors in your RV or travel trailer.

    If you haven’t been in your RV for a while, you may experience some foul odors lurking in your RV when you go to get it ready for a trip.

    Tobacco smoke, kitchen, road kill, skunk, gasoline, smog, “doggie”, urine, mold/mildew, bathroom, and holding tank odors are common odors that stink up our RVs. Air fresheners just mask the odors and often smell worse than the offensive odor. RV detailing is expensive, and shampooing often just spreads the smell around.

    Earth Care Odor Remover Bags can simply be hung in your RV and they will completely eliminate all these odors. Earth Care draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are adsorbed, and neutralized without any fragrances. It is made from an all-natural mineral, is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for Planet Earth.

    Clear the Air is also safe around children and pets even if eaten. It does not have to come into contact with odor producer to eliminate the odor. Earth Care does not cover up odors it literally “clears the air” leaving the air fresh and clean.

    Directions To Eliminate Odors From Your RV:

    • Hang or place one bag in bathroom, and one in kitchen area, each bag covers approximately 100 square feet.
    • Leave windows open for air circulation.
    • Do not set bag in direct sun.
    • If there are strong odors in your RV you may also want to sprinkle Clear The Air Odor Eliminator for Carpets and Furniture on all upholstery and carpet. Leave down overnight and vacuum. All odors will be completely eliminated.
    • The bags will continue to eliminate new odors for up to 3 months. Each bag will cover approximately 100 square feet, some air circulation is best.