• Happy Customers’ Testimonials

    Posted on March 17th, 2014
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    Why do you love Clear The Air?

    Clear The Air loves our happy reviews! Our product truly works when it comes to eliminating bad odors! Don’t take our word for it, find out what consumers have to say:

    I have 3 cats who used by bedroom as their personal litter box. I sprinkled the product on my carpet and the next day the odor was gone completely and my carpet looks wonderful. Now I don’t have to replace it. ~Kacee

    We have a problem with cats peeing on our carpet in our bedroom. We tried everything I’d found before to get rid of the smell or discourage them from doing it again. I put this powder all over the room and the next day ran the vacuum and all the smell was gone! I highly recommend it. ~Cat

    This made a HUGE difference in my carpeted stairs. The dog smell is gone. ~Soobie

    3 cats, 2 dogs. Accidents happen. Works great. Even use it in the litter box to get rid of odors. ~Baxter

    I was skeptical at first but was desperate for a solution to the stench my pup has created in my apartment.
    This stuff works great! I sprinkled it all over the carpet in every room and kitchen before I left for work in the morning. I came back and the odor was GONE! I love it. ~Honey

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