• How To Sell Your Home Faster

    Posted on June 17th, 2013
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    Clear The Air’s line of products can be used for pretty much any odor you come across.

    We have helped many home owners and realtors sell homes much faster by eliminating pesky pet and cigarette smoke odors in homes.

    We would like to share some tips to selling your home faster. Remember to use Clear The Air’s line of products to clear out any odors lingering in your home.

    • Empty out your closets when selling. You can never have too much storage. Take half your stuff out of your closets and neatly organize what is left. Buyers will snoop so make sure all your closets and cabinets are clean and tidy.
    • Maximize lighting in your home when selling. Take down the drapes, wash the windows and change the lampshades all to create more light in your home. Making your home more bright and cheery will increases the chances of it selling.
    • Find a great real estate agent when selling. Having an agent who knows what properties are going on the market and knows the comps in your neighborhood will be key to making sure your home gets sold fast.
    • Keep your pets away while showing your home. Not everyone is an animal lover and they don’t want to walk in your home smelling the kitty litter box or seeing pet fur on everything. This gives buyers the impression your home is not clean. If planning an open house, make arrangements to keep your pets somewhere else. Make sure to use Clear The Air on your litter box!
    • Make quick fixes before selling, not major upgrades. If you do a huge improvement project before your put your home on the market, you may not get your money back. Small things like new door handles and clean grout are good to do before listing your home.
    • De-personalize your home when selling. The more personal stuff in your home the less likely a potential buyer can imagine themselves living there. You may want to hire a home stager to maximize the full potential of your home.
    • Sell your kitchen. Fixing up your kitchen will help increase your value tremendously. Anything from new cabinet hardware to new counter tops will make your potential buyer’s eyes light up.
    • Be available to show any time when selling. Make sure your home is show ready at all times. You never know when a buyer will walk through the door. Keep dishes in the dishwasher, bathrooms sparkling and eliminate your dust bunnies.
    • Make a good first impression when selling. Make a few improvements to your home’s exterior with shrubs and brightly colored flowers. Make the entryway clean and enticing. Stand in front of your house and ask yourself what could be improved so a first time visitor falls in love with the way your house looks.

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