• How To Rent Or Sell Your Home Faster

    Posted on January 9th, 2014
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    Preparing to sell your home?

    Clear The Air has helped many Real Estate Agents sell and rent homes faster with our product. If a home has any type of odor, chances are it will deter potential buyers or tenants.

    Sell or rent your home faster with these helpful tips:

    • Avoid strong smells in your home. Make sure to take out the trash, clean out then fridge then use Clear The Air to neutralize any odors. Sprinkle Clear The Air on the litter box if you have a cat and on any furniture that you can smell odor. We also recommend hanging our Odor Eliminator Bags throughout the home 48 hours before you go to show the home to eliminate any odors that may bother potential buyers or renters.
    • Enhance your home’s curb appeal. Spruce up the look of the yard by performing regular yard maintenance. Mow the yard, edge the lawn and add some colorful flowers and plants.
    • De-clutter your home so a potential tenant can picture themselves living there. We recommend removing personal items like toys, papers, magazines, makeup products, family photos and any knick-knacks.
    • Repaint if you have colorful walls. Make everything look cleaner and fresher with whites and light tans. Lighter colors also make a room look better and brighter.
    • Make sure your floors are clean. If you have carpet, you will want to get them professionally cleaned. For tile and hardwood, use a floor shiner. If your flooring shows a lot of wear and tear, you might want to consider new flooring for your property.