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Pest Control Operators Love EarthCare

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Pest control workers are often called out to treat odors caused by pests such as rats, mice, opossums, skunks or raccoons that have crawled under a floor or into a wall space and died. To mask the odor, air fresheners are used, but within a day or two the smell always returns. We started purchasing Earth Care's Odor Remover for our pest control clients four months ago because it really works on the problem. This is the answer; I've told my pest control clients in San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties that if they buy this and it doesn't work they can return it and get their money back. I've never had one returned and I've probably been through 50 to 60 cases already. I have also sold several cases to local cities and school districts to control urine odor problems in public rest rooms. They just suspend these bags in the park restrooms and it really takes care of the problem.
Gary - Pest Control Adviser for Hicks Farm Supply
San Marcos, CA
Testimonial By: Gary

Skunk Smell Finally Gone

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

About 6 months ago at least 2 skunks got into our attic. One sprayed when it was caught in a rat trap and another sprayed for some other reason. The whole house stank. The smell got into our upstairs duct work. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell with very limited success. Enzyme products have done only a little good. We had the ducts cleaned, which helped not at all. I put one of your bags in the return aid duct, one in my boy's room's closet and one in the master BR closet. The granules I spread around in the attic, all 9 lbs. Within 2 hours, the smell which has hounded us for 6 months was just gone! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. After all I have been through and all the money I have spent trying to solve this problem, I can truly say, you have an amazing product that does what it claims to do. Please feel free to use my name and testimonial.

Thomas S. Jamul, CA
Testimonial By: Thomas

Tried Everything Else

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

There has been a bad smell in one of our spare bedrooms since my husband died in there five and a half years ago. We used the plug-in deodorants and sprayed the room often with Fabreze, but the smell still lingered. We removed everything in that room AND closet and the room still smelled. A neighbor told me about your product. We hung the bag and were incredibly surprised that the smell was completely gone the next day --and continues to be gone...finally!

Jerri in Vista
Testimonial By: Jerri

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