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Skunk Smell Finally Gone

About 6 months ago at least 2 skunks got into our attic. One sprayed when it was caught in a rat trap and another sprayed for some other reason. The whole house stank. The smell got into our upstairs duct work. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell with very limited success. Enzyme products have done only a little good. We had the ducts cleaned, which helped not at all. I put one of your bags in the return aid duct, one in my boy's room's closet and one in the master BR closet. The granules I spread around in the attic, all 9 lbs. Within 2 hours, the smell which has hounded us for 6 months was just gone! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. After all I have been through and all the money I have spent trying to solve this problem, I can truly say, you have an amazing product that does what it claims to do. Please feel free to use my name and testimonial.

Thomas S. Jamul, CA
Testimonial By: Thomas

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