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Skunk Smell Gone

Tuesday 15 November, 1994
To Whom It May Concern:
On November 10th, 1994, my husband went outside in the early morning to "investigate" a noise he had heard. The noise ended up being a skunk and he was sprayed point blank from the knees down. My entire house, carpets, furniture, not to mention my husband, was consumed by this horrible odor. I frantically searched through the phone book for help. After making several calls and not receiving a call back, I looked under "Deodorize" and found Earth Care Products. I called, left a message, and within minutes received a call back from Bill Vaughn. Bill calmed me down, and assured me he could help me out. He not only told me what to do for my husband, but he patiently explained in detail how to remove the odor from the house, and our clothes.
Bill was right, I purchased the product, did exactly as he told me, and within 24 hours the odor was completely gone. Bill's customer service went beyond the call of duty. His patience, genuine concern, and great follow-up was more than we could ask for. As far as the product, it performed miracles. We hope never to encounter a situation like this again, but if we ever do, it is reassuring to know that Earth Care Products are available.
Julie Carlsbad, CA
Testimonial By: Julie

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