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Odor Eliminator Bag

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Order the Odor Remover Bag to remove dead rodent odors, urine and feces odors, skunk odors, musty mildew odors, trash room odors, and cigarette smoke. Earth Care Bags do not have to come into contact with the odor causing agent. Simply hang the bag near the odor and in 24 hours the odor will be gone.

Earth Care acts like a magnet by attracting and neutralizing smells. It is made from an all natural mineral. Earth Care absorbs odors rather than masking them with a fragrance.

Bag measures 6"x11"  Weight 19oz

Covers up to 100 square feet. Last 3-4 months in use or indefinitely in plastic wrap.

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There has been a bad smell in one of our spare bedrooms since my husband died in there five and a half years ago. We used the plug-in deodorants and sprayed the room often with Fabreze, but the smell still lingered. We removed everything in that room AND closet and the room still smelled. A neighbor told me about your product. We hung the bag and were incredibly surprised that the smell was completely gone the next day --and continues to be gone...finally!   Jerri in Vista

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